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Tickstory Review – Mastering Trading Strategies

Tickstory review
Tickstory Review

If you are a beginner and unaware of what trading means, here is a simple explanation. Trading is like a game where you can buy things like gold, stocks, and cryptocurrencies, then sell them off to make some money. So, there are people who excel in this field while others fail to do so.


However, the pivotal point is that you have to predict when the prices will go down and when they will go up. So, it all requires your patience, skills, and passion to become the best and succeed.


Tickstory helps traders enhance their trading skills. As a computer program, Tickstory is designed to let traders download historical data to determine whether their skills or techniques have worked better in the past.

Tickstory is a software solution meticulously crafted for forex traders, aimed at streamlining the process of gathering and utilizing historical tick data. It is like having a reliable compass to navigate the complexities of the forex market.

Overview of what Tickstory is all about:

Consider this tool as a computer program designed to help traders enhance their trading skills. Since skills are the most crucial part of any trading field, a trader must improve them and refine them as time goes by.


What Tickstory does is that it essentially provides traders with historical data relevant to trading. For example, it proves old price information that enables traders to learn if their skills had been successful during that time. This technique is called ‘backtesting’, and it is foundational to a trader’s skills.

Additionally, Tickstory can serve as a magnifying glass that gives you a deep and detailed look into how stock prices changed over the course of time. If you use a trading platform like MetaTrader 4, you can attach Tickstory to it and ease things for yourself. By ease, we mean that Tickstory is entirely customizable, so you can choose the year and the sort of trade that you want to see.

Another key feature of this trading assistant is that it aids in risk management by enabling traders to test how their skills and strategies could have worked with historical stock’s rise and fall. So, this risk management essentially helps traders refine their skills for the present and the future. In this scenario, Tickstory is equipped with several remarkable features that we will dive into.

What features does Tickstory offer?

After the brief overview, let’s look deeper into the features that make Tickstory stand out the most. The core functionality of Tickstory revolves around its capability to download historical tick data from various brokers swiftly and efficiently. The process is as quick and seamless as a well-rehearsed performance. Users have the flexibility to choose their preferred currency pairs and timeframes, and Tickstory will swiftly fetch the data, as if by magic.

Backtesting capabilities:

This holds the core value of being the most helpful and unique feature. This essentially helps the traders to practice their skills on historical data and analyze whether or not they have to improve themselves. Why is this important? Consider this as a preparation for any fall or rise in the stock market and analyse how you can make the most out of this situation.

Strategy optimization:

This is relevant to backtesting; as you learn to improve your skills, it ends up in a phenomenon called ‘strategy optimization.’ Therefore, the more you practice your skills and keep on analyzing your techniques in the face of any failure in the trading field, the more you can optimize your strategies. So, this iterative process helps you make more effective plans.

Customization options:

You can customize any option that suits your needs better. These options include customizing timeframes, data ranges, and other instruments to help you download your desired historical data. This flexibility, therefore, enables targeted analysis based on specific trading strategies.

Integration with trading platforms:

The incredible option to integrate Tickstory into any other trading platform you are fond of is a crowd favourite here. Now traders can seamlessly integrate Tickstory into any trading platform (e.g. MetaTrader 4) and then download data into these platforms to conduct backtest.

Get Started With Tickstory Today:

Follow these simple steps to start your Tickstory journey.


  • Initially, you must visit the Tickstory website and install the software.
  • Now you’ve to pick the source of historical data that you need, Tickstory works with sources like Dukascopy and MetaQuotes.
  • Set up your Tickstory account and enter your desired information about the types of data you would like to study.
  • Download the historical data that you have chosen, and Tickstory will save the data on your computer.
  • Integrate Tickstory with any trading platform you like and import the data into your chosen platform.
  • Test and analyze your trading skills with said historical data.
  • When you are confident that your skills are refined, you can use them for real-time trading.

Tickstory’s Interactive User Interface:

Tickstory is designed so that it is simple to use for both novices and experts equally. Therefore, if you are just starting your trading journey, Tickstory will keep you assisted and help you navigate the program easily.


Tickstory has a menu bar at the top for options, and below this menu bar, you can access the toolbar which is composed of several icons.


There are instruments available which you can choose to study your chosen data. So, you can also choose the data range and the data source. All these factors make Tickstory’s user interface easy to navigate.

Pros And Cons:

Pros Cons
Integration with trading platforms
Data source limitations
Accurate backtesting
Not a trading platform

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Is Tickstory free to use?

Tickstory offers both paid and free versions. With the paid version you get more premium benefits and the free version provides you with basic functionality options.


Is Tickstory’s backtesting accurate?

Yes! Tickstory provides the most accurate data from the old times which you can use to analyze your skills and compare them to real-time trading trends.


Can I use Tickstory as a beginner?

Tickstory is designed in a very intriguing way that it can help both novices and professionals equally. So, any person interested in trading can use Tickstory.


Tickstory has indeed revolutionized the realm of trading with its remarkable features. For both experts and beginners, Tickstory serves as a reliable assistant that you can integrate into your trading platforms and improve your skills.


So, Tickstory is highly recommended for its accurate assistance and convenient user interface for all traders.

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