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Vueling Airlines Review: Exploring Your Next Adventure in the Skies

Vueling Airlines Review
Vueling Airlines Review

Think of airlines like modern versions of magic carpets, effortlessly bringing together people worldwide. The longing to travel for different reasons, for leisure getaways or work-related expeditions, drives the need for air travel. More folks find it easy to pay for flights when the economy is doing well. Moreover, our natural curiosity to explore new places and engage with diverse cultures keeps the airline industry busy. With advancements in technology, booking flights has become simple with online options. Additionally, things happening worldwide, like major events, can affect how much we want to travel.


Here, we have talked about an airline that has been in business for almost a decade and is limitlessly improving in quality. Vueling Airlines is one of the safest and most affordable airlines. They promise their customers safety and comfort and have never compromised.

Overview and history of Vueling airlines:

Vueling Airlines is a Spanish low-cost carrier headquartered in El Prat de Llobregat, near Barcelona. It was founded in 2004 by Carlos Muñoz and Lázaro Ros, with operations commencing in July of the same year. The airline’s name, “Vueling,” is derived from the Spanish word “vuelo,” which means “flight.”


Vueling has gone through several ownership changes over the years. Initially, it was a joint venture between Spanish investors and two companies, Inversiones Hemisferio and Apax Partners. Later, it was acquired by International Airlines Group (IAG), which also owns British Airways, Iberia, and Aer Lingus.

Vueling airlines
Vueling airlines

Vueling operates a fleet primarily consisting of Airbus aircraft, including models from the A319, A320, and A321 families. The fleet is renowned for its vivid and colourful livery, frequently including patterns that honour different locations.


With a concentration on short- and medium-distance routes throughout Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East, Vueling Airlines offers service to various locations. It is well renowned for linking important cities with well-liked vacation spots, making it a popular option for leisure travellers.


To make travel easier, Vueling has embraced technology. Passengers may quickly book flights, manage bookings, and get updates on flight status via its website and mobile app.


Vueling has worked to improve the client experience while acting as a low-cost airline. So, passengers may pick from various pricing options with varying degrees of amenities, including options for checked luggage and seat selection and online booking and check-in services.

Pricing and packages offered by Vueling Airlines:

Vueling Airlines understands that passengers have varied preferences and budgets, so they provide a range of fare options and packages. These options let travelers pick the service level that aligns perfectly with their needs and can afford.


However, it’s important to note that airline prices and choices can shift often, so it’s a good idea to visit Vueling’s official website or contact their customer service for the latest details. To give you a rough idea, here’s a basic rundown of the fare options and packages that Vueling usually provides:

Basic Fare:

Consider what you need for your trip when thinking about the Basic Fare. If you want a simple option and don’t care about choosing your seat or bringing a lot of luggage, then the Basic Fare is a good choice. But other fares with more things are included if you want extra stuff.


With the Basic Fare, you’ll definitely get a seat on the plane, but there might be rules about picking exactly where you want to sit. You might be unable to choose your favorite seat in advance because the airline usually does that when you check-in.


This fare ensures you can get on the plane and go where you want in the main part of the plane.


Remember, the Basic Fare covers the basics of flying, but if you want more services, you’ll have to pay extra. This could be things like bringing bigger suitcases, getting food on the plane, or getting on the plane before most people.

Optima Fare:

When looking at the Optima Fare, consider what you need for your trip. The Optima Fare could be a good choice if you want to pick your seat, have a checked bag, and be flexible with your travel plans.


With the Optima Fare, you can pick your seat before you fly, which is handy if you have a favourite spot on the plane.


You also get to check in one bag without paying extra. This is useful if you have more stuff to take with you.


Just like the Basic Fare, the Optima Fare gets you on the plane and covers the basics of your flight.


Remember, while the Optima Fare has good stuff included, there might be some extras you’d have to pay for, like getting on the plane first, bringing more bags, or getting extraordinary things during the flight.

Excellence Fare:

When you look at Vueling Airlines’ Excellence Fare, it’s like finding a special box of treats for your travel. This fare is more than just a ticket – it’s an invitation to a fancier journey for people who like the excellent parts of travel.


You can often pick excellent seats with more space or extraordinary things with the Excellence Fare. People who choose the Excellence Fare can usually bring more bags without paying extra. Changing plans is easier with the Excellence Fare. You can switch when you’re flying with smaller fees.


You’ll be one of the first on the plane with the Excellence Fare, so you have more time to get ready.


Sometimes, you can use special lounges with the Excellence Fare at the airport. They have yummy snacks and Wi-Fi.


Like other tickets, the Excellence Fare gets you on the plane and gives you what you need for the trip.


Remember, even though the Excellence Fare is fancy, there might be some things you have to pay extra for, like special seats or fun stuff on the plane.

Family Fare:

If you want to travel with your family, it can be expensive. So, do not worry because Vueling Airlines has covered you with some of the most incredible deals with their family fare. You get discounts and services that will keep your entire family satisfied.


Their main objective is to ensure that family members are sitting in close proximity while traveling. Vueling is also dedicated to reducing every discomfort for older people boarding the flight.


Vueling Airlines Family Fare is designed to cater to groups of family members with varying travel goals, whether exploring places, reuniting with loved ones, or simply enjoying interactions. It goes beyond being a means of transportation. Embodies the essence of creating experiences together. These special moments will surely leave a lasting impact on our family history.

TimeFlex Fare:

The TimeFlex Fare has this really cool thing where you can easily switch around when and how you travel. This is super helpful if your schedule can be more complex.


Normally, the TimeFlex Fare only makes you pay a little to change your plans, unlike the usual fares. Knowing you can change things if stuff comes up gives you a pleasant feeling of calm, so you can just think about the trip itself.


This fare is fantastic for people who like being spontaneous and trying new things. It’s like a special ticket that matches your adventurous side, letting you jump into cool stuff that comes your way.


With the TimeFlex Fare, your trip is more than just getting to a place. Additionally, it is about making a travel experience that’s totally yours, shaped by what you like and how you feel now.

Cancellation and Refund:

Are you unable to travel with Vueling according to your schedule? Vueling will even make cancellation easy for you.


You can easily cancel your scheduled flight within 24 hours of booking it without paying extra. However, if your time is up, you might have to pay 75 USD if your flight is in 15 days, or you will pay 90 USD if your flight is in less than 15 days.


Passengers who have availed of their Time Flex fare do not have to pay the extra cost, as Vueling has enabled them to cancel anytime.


On the other hand, if Vueling is the one cancelling your flight, then the airline will take full responsibility and accommodate you.

Does their Check-in process any good?

Saying that it is good would be an understatement, as Vueling provides the option to do online check-in. So, they provide a detailed step-by-step process teaching you how to add essential documents and pay for services like extra luggage.


In this manner, you would not have to check in at the airport, making things much more accessible. You can check in your luggage even 4 hours before your flight.

However, this is also fine for people who prefer airport check-in.

Vueling Airlines Check
Vueling Airlines Check

Vueling Airlines opens its check-in counter 2.5 hours in advance for every trip and shuts it 40 minutes before take-off. The boarding gate, on the other hand, closes 10 minutes beforehand. I recommend being constantly aware of the passing of time!

A Peek at Vueling’s Fleet and Where It Can Take You

Now, let’s talk about the ride. Vueling Airlines boasts a modern fleet mostly filled with those trusty Airbus A320 family aircraft. These babies are known for their reliability and efficiency, promising a smooth ride to your chosen destination. Whether it’s a quick city hop or a medium-haul journey, Vueling’s got you covered with a diverse range of flight options.


Service with a Smile: What Vueling Brings to the Table

Ah, the little things that make travel sweeter. Even as a low-cost carrier, Vueling Airlines doesn’t skimp on the perks. Think hassle-free online check-in, in-flight refreshments, and even a touch of entertainment to keep you smiling in the skies. Plus, there’s the Vueling Club, where you can earn and redeem points for some nifty benefits.

Let's talk about their customer services:

A significant proportion of travellers need to consistently factor in the caliber of customer service when making flight reservations. However, it is essential to recognize that customer service engagement often becomes pertinent only when complications subsequently arise.


For individuals who have encountered challenges during their travel, the efficacy of customer service provision becomes a pivotal determinant in shaping their overarching perception of an airline. Given the considerable magnitude of daily customer feedback that airlines contend with, establishing their commitment to customer satisfaction is paramount.


Vueling Airlines offers diverse channels to access its customer service division. These encompass the option to initiate contact via telephone or electronic mail. Vueling’s team of customer service representatives remains accessible to field-tailored inquiries from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. Spanish time, extending throughout all days of the week.


Regrettably, many online testimonials point towards prolonged response times – often several months – for customer service to effectively address and rectify grievances. This recurrent trend typifies certain carriers positioned within the budget airline segment, suggesting a potential trade-off between economizing expenditures, and exhibiting patience when seeking redressal.

Does Vueling Airline Serve Foods & Drinks On Flights?

Regrettably, the prospect of complimentary onboard snacks or meals remains elusive for most passengers, except those who’ve elected to indulge in a business-class ticket, which conveniently covers such amenities.


It is worth highlighting that Vueling Airlines has deliberately excluded complementary food provisions from the ambit of the standard ticket fare.


However, passengers need not endure the journey on an empty stomach. The airline offers a comprehensive and enticing menu packed with an assortment of gastronomic delights, ranging from complete, well-rounded meals to delectable snacks, mouthwatering desserts, a variety of beverages, and even an assortment of alcoholic drinks for those so inclined.


Furthermore, it’s worth noting that the pricing structure of these culinary offerings is notably sensible, aligning well with passengers’ preferences. Hence, should the pangs of hunger strike, it is a judicious course of action to proactively engage with the onboard flight crew, allowing one to satiate one’s appetite with a delectable selection from the extensive menu choices.

Vueling Airlines Customer Reviews:

Evaluating the feedback from more than 30,000 customer reviews about Vueling Airlines, a rather underwhelming rating of just 2.5 out of 5 stars emerges from the data on Tripadvisor. This prompts the pivotal query: What underlies such pronounced disappointment among travelers toward an airline that positions itself as a budget-friendly option? A closer examination of the underlying factors is imperative to unravel this complexity.

Vueling Airlines Customer Reviews
Vueling Airlines Customer Reviews

The prevailing undercurrent of dissatisfaction directed at Vueling Airlines predominantly revolves around its persistent struggles with punctuality in departures and arrivals. Furthermore, the quality of their customer service team and the efficiency of their booking processes have encountered vehement disapproval within the reviews.


Nevertheless, it’s crucial to present a comprehensive perspective. Amidst negative appraisals, there is a perceptible ray of positivity. Around 14,000 reviews fall within the spectrum of average to excellent, shedding light on some redeeming aspects. These positive sentiments frequently extol the airline’s accommodating stance and laud it as a financially prudent option, providing good value for the money spent on travel.

What are the destinations of Vueling Airlines:

During its formative years, Vueling Airlines operated exclusively with a fleet consisting of merely two Airbus A320 aircraft. These aircraft diligently served a limited selection of three European destinations, with a solitary point of arrival in France.


However, a significant temporal leap brings us to the present day, wherein the airline has undergone a remarkable metamorphosis. It now proudly boasts an extensive and intricate network, encompassing 140 global destinations spread across various continents.


Nonetheless, it’s important to note that Vueling Airlines has yet to expand its services to encompass locations in North or South America, Asia, or the countries of Oceania. This strategic decision notwithstanding, the company remains resolute in its dedication to bestowing passengers with an expansive array of travel options.


Here are some of the most in-demand destinations:

  • Africa: Dakar, Banjul, Cairo, Tangier, Marrakech, Tunis
  • Europe: Valencia, Alicante, Brussels, Barcelona, Italy, Lisbon, Madrid, London, Milan, Paris

Middle East: Beirut, Amman, Tel Aviv

Pros and Cons of Vueling Airlines:


    • There are several packages to choose from
    • Several destinations are available to fly to
    • Prices are very affordable.
    • Great cancellation and refund policy
    • Great customer services
    • Decent experience in flight




    • The luggage policy is a little expensive.
    • Flight delays happen too often.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

What is the cost of canceling a flight on Vueling?

The cost of canceling a Vueling flight might change according to the price class, the time of cancellation, and other elements. The cancellation fee might range from 10% to 60% of the original ticket price if the ticket is non-refundable.


With the “FlexFly” fare, adjustments and cancellations are always free. Before purchasing the ticket, I strongly advise you to examine the cancellation policy of your particular fare.


Is there a Vueling Club?

A loyalty club that rewards regular travelers is called the Vueling Club. Flights provide club members Avios points that may be used for discounts on future travel, cabin upgrades, and other benefits.


Avios points can also be accrued and redeemed through the Vueling Club on other IAG Group airlines. Consider airlines like Iberia and British Airways, which provide additional chances for you to save money on vacation.


Does Vueling offer any in-flight entertainment?

The positive point is that they provide Wi-Fi in flight and are the first low-cost airline to do that. The negative point is that they do not offer any TV.


Does Vueling offer hand luggage options?

All passengers of Vueling are permitted to bring one complimentary underseat cabin bag (maximum dimensions: 40x20x30 cm) and any purchases made at the airport. But it all has to fit beneath the seat in front of you.


What sort of planes does Vueling have in its fleet?

Vueling operates 74 Airbus A320ceo aircraft in addition to 25 A320neo, 18 A321ceo, and 5 A319ceo.


Are there any free meals offered in-flight?

The cost of your ticket does not include meals on a Vueling flight. Passengers have several options, including recent additions like fantastic meal packages, homemade sandwiches, and other goods. For onboard payments, the airline takes euros and British pounds in addition to Visa, Mastercard, and Amex; debit cards are not accepted.


To sum it up, Vueling Airlines stands at the top for many reasons. For these reasons, affordability takes the crown. Vueling is the first-ever low-cost airline that offers wifi in flight. Their customer service is very satisfying.


It’s incredible to see the packages that Vueling offers as they suit the needs of a diverse set of passengers, especially, for families who want to travel to beautiful destinations very comfortably.


Furthermore, Vueling is very dedicated to innovation, which is prominently displayed in its user-centric mobile application and streamlined online booking system, effectively simplifying the travel process for passengers. Also, the airline has an unwavering emphasis on safety, and strict adherence to industry regulations gives travellers a profound sense of assurance.


With Vueling’s established reputation for reliability and an array of convenient amenities, Vueling Airlines can easily maintain a significant presence in the aviation sector, consistently delivering a positive and fulfilling travel encounter.

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