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The world is running on the internet, and there are millions and millions of websites. Therefore, the competition is very high. Making your blog stand in the crowd will require expertise, and for that, we have a perfect solution for even beginners. is made for writing content for people who are new to this field and even those who are professionals but still are too busy to write multiple copies or blog posts. And in this case, has revolutionized the world with its astonishing technology.

What is the deal behind is a really impressive AI Writing Tool that is great for making all types of content. Also, it can quickly create interesting Blog Posts and helpful Amazon Affiliate Reviews, making content creation much better. This tool uses smart computer technology to create content, saving lots of time and effort.


It is quite impressive how versatile is when it comes to creating various types of content. For instance, it can skillfully craft engaging Top 10 Best lists that resonate with readers, put together user-friendly guides that are easy to follow, create effective Ad copy that captures the interest of a wide audience, produce informative blog posts, and craft detailed products descriptions that leave no stone unturned.

Something that I have personally loved about is that it has the ability to make lengthy content without disturbing the quality of the content. So, it is almost as if it knows how to put words, ideas, and sentences together in a way that keeps readers interested from the beginning to the end. Therefore, the content it makes is always really good, showing how capable it is and how it can change how people make content.


Moreover, people who have used in action are really impressed by how nicely it works. It is like it uses the combination of technology and creativity together to make content that people like. This incredible tool can use artificial intelligence and make so much content for its users, and this is enough to prove how much effort was put into making this virtual assistant.


Easy to say that this virtual tool is deserving of all the compliments. It is great at making all kinds of content quickly and well. In this way, it is changing how content is made and making it easier and more fun. So, this little thing is helpful for several people who struggle to make content in their busy lives.

Why do people love’s lifetime deal?

The lifetime deal for has won a lot of love and praise from its users. People really like what it offers. They get the chance to use this strong AI Writing Tool for their whole life, and that is like having a valuable tool that makes their content creation journey much better.


This lifetime deal is not just a regular deal; rather than that,  it is a big step forward. Users are getting a tool that helps them create content faster and better. is like a helper that makes writing content easy and still really good. With this tool, users can make their ideas come to life.

Feature of lifetime deal:

The beauty of the lifetime deal offered by does not end at its reasonable price. There are some remarkable features that come along with this deal.

Generate several blogs with a single click:

The lifetime deal is really attractive for more reasons than just creating lots of content. One of its best features is how easy it is to use. Imagine clicking once and making articles, blog posts, or any writing that is over 100 words long. This makes things efficient and helps people get more done. Therefore, instead of struggling with hard writing tasks, users can focus on being creative. Whether it is a quick update, a short announcement, or sharing thoughts in a few words, the lifetime deal makes it super quick to create good content. Also, it is perfect for the fast online world where people want quality content in no time.

Get various templates for your content:

In addition to its impressive word count and ease of content creation, the lifetime deal adds versatility with 50+ copywriting templates. There are so many options to choose from. you can find templates for blog posts, product descriptions, and many other things. Moreover, these templates are very helpful for users who want to begin their content creation journey. So, with the lifetime deal, users gain the ability to generate words and access a toolkit of templates for crafting resonant and captivating content.

Forget about the word limit:

Users receive a heavy benefit with the lifetime deal. Not only do you get all the other benefits, but also you can generate as many blog posts as you want, with over 30,000 words per month.

Having plenty of words to use lets you tackle big projects, write lengthy articles, conduct thorough research, and create detailed blog posts without any word limits holding you back. This sufficiency of words helps users to express their thoughts, insights, and ideas in any way that they like. Whether for professional reasons, personal blogging, or business communication, the lifetime deal provides users with an abundance of words to give life to their visions.

Pricing of this Lifetime Deal:

Pricing of Lifetime Deal
Pricing of Lifetime Deal

With just a one-time payment, you can get unlimited access to all of their features. This payment is only 79 USD which is such a steal. Many of their features include the following:

  • Long-form writer
  • Topic idea generator
  • Talking points generator
  • Unlimited projects
  • Custom templates builder
  • Auto writer
  • Auto re-writer
  • Many more

Limitations of Lifetime Deal by TextBuilder:

With Unlimited subscriptions, users have the capability to produce a great volume of written content, ranging between approximately 130,000 to 230,000 words each month. An interesting point of this arrangement is that users can stack an arrangement of unlimited codes, with each single code granting access to an allocation of 30,000 words per month.


Although there is not a specific Unlimited plan within this lifetime deal, there is a strategic approach available for those seeking a limitless arrangement. To achieve this, I recommend the idea of stacking multiple codes. A recommended starting point is acquiring a minimum of 5 codes. By doing so, users can establish a substantial word pool that is expected to meet or exceed the requirements of an unlimited plan, thereby providing an optimal solution for those desiring an extensive writing capacity.

In what ways can you use

It is pivotal to know which ways you can use Here are some of the most innovative ways that you can use TextBuilder.

Long Form Blog Articles:

With the help of this AI Writer function, you get the ability to create comprehensive and excellent blog articles at a remarkable speed. With the help of this AI Writer function, you get the ability to create comprehensive and excellent blog articles at a remarkable speed. You can transform your writing routine by reducing it from hours to minutes with the power to write content up to ten times faster. This tool allows bloggers and website owners to make content without any limitations. this has totally changed the way blog posts are written.

Amazon Affiliate Reviews:

AI Builder stands out because it is really good at writing Amazon product reviews that explain things well. If you are into Amazon affiliate marketing, this is a big help. It is even better than regular writers for this job. With the help of this tool, you can make product reviews that are very creative and attractive. This will be useful for your affiliate marketing. It is like having a helpful friend to improve your marketing efforts.

Copywriting Templates:

Many writers face a problem called writer’s block, where they can’t think of what to write. AI Builder helps by giving you different templates to start writing from. With the help of these templates, you can get new ideas for your content They are like jumping-off points for your imagination, ensuring you don’t run out of words. This is good for writers who want new ideas and creative writing methods.

Text for Ads & Websites:

AI Builder does more than just regular content creation. This serves as a helpful tool that can make good content for various promotions. It can make interesting ads, write fun YouTube videos, make emails that work, create catchy blog beginnings, develop ideas to help startups grow, and much more. So, whether you are a business person, marketer, or someone who makes things, AI Builder helps you easily make stuff that people will like.

Features of the incredible

Efficient text generation in no time:

Time is often equated with money, highlighting its significance. has significantly accelerated the process of generating written content by leveraging the latest GPT technology for the seamless and rapid processing of text. Instead of relying on GPT-3, they utilize the most up-to-date iteration of advanced AI, employing their own custom-trained models that operate on incredibly fast GPU cloud servers. This approach enables them to offer exceptionally swift text generation capabilities. In fact, you can expect to receive your results in a mere 2–5 seconds, a testament to the efficiency of their system.

As the name suggests, there is an AI builder:

This Ai builder can help you generate lists. By this, we mean that if you wish to generate a list of the best 10 people on earth, all you have to do is enter the prompt and leave the rest to it. In a little time, you will be delivered with the perfect list. So, if your blog is related to such content where you make a list of ‘the best’ things, then this AI builder is a must for you.

Your text is your own:

When people make things like articles or stories, using old ways like copying, pasting, or changing words isn’t good anymore. is changing this. It uses its specially trained computer helpers, GPT-J, GPT-Neox, and GPT-3, to create unique text. This new way does not need copying because the text it makes is its own and can even pass tough Copyscape tests. changes how we make content. It stops us from copying or spinning text. Instead, it uses smart computer helpers like GPT-J, GPT-Neox, and GPT-3 to make special and unique writing. This way, the writing is real and passes tests like Copyscape, showing It is real and not copied.

Customize your own template:

It is really helpful to be able to make our own frameworks. Not many AI tools let us design our special templates, but TextBuilder does. With TextBuilder, you can make your own unique framework that fits exactly what you need.


What makes TextBuilder special is that it lets people create their own frameworks. Unlike most other AI tools, TextBuilder stands out because it lets users make templates that fit exactly what they want. This flexibility means the content they create fits perfectly with what they want to do, which is a big advantage when making things like articles or stories.

Extraordinary customer support: offers some top-notch customer support. If you are new to this tool, you might not understand how to use this. There is no need to worry about it cause their customer service agents can get to you in no time, and you will be able to understand everything.


If you face any issues with writings or changing your templates, all you have to do is contact customer service, and all issues will be resolved.

Write lengthy content:

If you want to generate a copy with a specific number of words, then use for this service, this incredible tool is equipped with the latest technology, and you can easily get a long-form copy written for your work-related stuff. In this way, saves you quite a lot of time.

Add to Writer:

Pick any topic you like. When you press the “add to the writer” button, the text you’ve written will instantly appear in the long-form editor on the right side of the screen.


Another important feature is the ‘rewrite’ feature if you have something written already but wish to rewrite it. However, if you do not have the time or energy to rewrite a lengthy text, use for this service. You will have to enter the text that you wish to rewrite and leave it up to the magic of and see your work rewritten without any plagiarism.

Input Data Button:

You can easily review the information you put in earlier templates. This lets you check what details were used for each result. To do this, just tap the “INPUT DATA” button and then the “ADD TO GENERATOR” button. You can copy that information back into the form to use it again. This is a helpful way to write more efficiently.

Huge variety of templates:

Templates are frameworks that you can use to generate your content.

  • Affiliate Product Reviews
  • Top 10 Best Listicles
  • How-to Blog posts
  • more Affiliate and Blog Content
  • Buyers Guide blog posts
  • A long blog post for any niche
  • How-to style articles
  • E-Books
  • Guest posts for blogs
  • Articles for Fiverr, Upwork, etc.
  • Social Media Content
  • Ads Copy
  • Shopify/Amazon Product Descriptions
  • E-Mails

Texts for Websites

Pros of

Regular updates:

TextBuilder keeps getting better because the developer gives regular updates. This dedication to improvement is clear in how quickly they make changes, like going from yesterday’s version to today’s improved one.

Very quick and responsive:

TextBuilder is really quick to respond, which means it is faster than other similar tools by a big factor of 5. This makes using TextBuilder super easy. It is simple to use because of its basic “Input Form,” which makes creating content easy. Plus, the stuff it makes is accurate, which makes the tool very dependable.

Tailored for specific content creation:

TextBuilder is really good at making certain types of content. It is made and trained to be really great at creating things like reviews of products and list articles that are made for blogs that earn money through affiliations. This ensures that people using TextBuilder have a tool made just right for these specific kinds of writing.

Reduces repetition and enhances quality:

Unlike other AI writing tools that have problems with repeating things too much and not having good quality content, TextBuilder is different. It is really good at fixing these problems, making it easier for people to use. This makes users like the tool more and use it more often.

No plagiarism:

TextBuilder is really good at making real content. It always comes up with new and unique stuff. The things it makes are not copied from anywhere else and have their own special quality. This shows that TextBuilder really cares about making things honest and true.

Diverse blog content:

TextBuilder shows how good it is by always making strong blog content that has everything needed. It starts with interesting beginnings and ends with powerful endings that make people want to do something. The tool covers everything needed to make blogs that really matter.

Various template options:

TextBuilder has a lot of different templates that are made for common things people write about. With so many choices, It is easy for users to write about different topics. The way the tools and templates are put in order also makes it easier to create content, making the process smooth and easy.

Customer support:

TextBuilder is special because its customer support is really good. People get quick help when they need it, and the person who made the tool talks a lot with users in the Facebook group. This shows that they really care about making users happy and getting better all the time.

Cons of

User interface:

The part of the screen that you interact with could be made better. Right now, it appears messy and crowded. It doesn’t work well on small devices like phones and tablets. It doesn’t adjust properly to mobile screens.


User experience:

It is nice that everything you can choose, and use is in one place, but there are problems with how it looks and works. Also, since the way things are organized is not finished yet, there are problems with how easy it is to use. But since it is still the beginning, I think these problems will be fixed.


No Grammar and plagiarism checker:

They do not offer a grammar or plagiarism checker; you will have to get it done from other sites.


SEO features are missing:

They do not offer any SEO optimization features, which is a big requirement for bloggers.


Flow Builder:

They do not have something called a Flow builder. A Flow builder is a set of tools that help you create things like blog titles, meta information, outlines, and sections simply, step by step. This would make it unique compared to other similar things available.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

  • What’s the deal with
    • is like having a writing buddy who’s good with words and helps you create amazing content effortlessly.


  • What makes so special?
    • stands out because it’s super smart and can write in any style you like, making your content sound just the way you want it to.


  • How does work its magic?
    • uses fancy AI technology (think of it as a super-smart robot) to write stuff for you based on what you tell it. It’s like having your personal writing assistant!


  • Can help with making my content show up on Google?
    • You bet! knows all about making content that Google loves, so your website can shine bright like a diamond in the search results.


  • Can I make the content sound like it’s coming from me?
    • Absolutely! With, you can tweak the tone and style of what it writes so it feels just like you’re the one doing the talking.


  • How much does cost?
    • has different plans to fit your needs, from trying it out for free to getting all the bells and whistles with a paid subscription.


  • Can I work with my friends on writing projects using
    • Yep! lets you team up with your pals to write awesome stuff together and share it with the world.


  • Is there a way to try before diving in?
    • You got it! offers a free trial so you can see just how awesome it is before making any commitments.


  • How can I get help if I need it while using
    • has your back with support through email, live chat, and tons of helpful articles and guides to make sure you’re a pro in no time.


  • Where can I learn more about using like a boss?
    • has loads of cool resources to help you master the art of writing with ease. It’s like having your writing school!


  • Is legit?
    • Yes! It is totally genuine and very much worth your time. You can read our review and find out about its incredible features.


  •   What is lifetime deal?
    • This offer gives you access to unlimited benefits that you can enjoy after paying its one-time payment. It will cost you only $79.


  •    Does offer unique content?
    • Indeed! All of the content that it generates is unique and brand new. You do not have to worry about any copyright strikes



In conclusion, for people looking to build a reputable website or a blog, TextBuilder will be the perfect solution for all your typing worries. Make your content stand out with this virtual tool that will generate all the necessary details for your content. The best part of this writing tool is its lifetime deal that delivers you with everything that you will need at such a reasonable price.


With its remarkable features, including the templates option, you can easily generate templates that are customized for your sort of content. Also, you do not have to worry about any type of plagiarism, as will give you unique writing.  Add your details to this tool, and you will get exactly the content that you asked for. It is an understatement to say that it has solved several issues for content writers.

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