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Mackeeper Files Recovery (2024) – Retrieve With Ease

Mackeeper Files Recovery
Mackeeper Files Recovery

If you are a Mac user, your files will be most important to you. To the point that you want to keep them safe and backed up without worrying about losing your data.


For people who might have lost a file from their Macbook that held pivotal importance to them, this software will solve all of their problems. MacKeeper File Recovery is an incredible game changer for retrieving files.

What is MacKeeper file recovery?

MacKeeper is a software utility designed for macOS systems, offering tools and features to enhance system performance, security, and overall user experience. Developed by a company called ZeoBIT (later Kromtech Alliance Corp), MacKeeper’s features include system optimisation, antivirus protection, disk cleanup, and file management. However, it’s worth noting that MacKeeper has been controversial due to its marketing practices and mixed effectiveness


One of the functions provided by MacKeeper is file recovery. This feature is designed to help users retrieve accidentally deleted or lost files from their Mac systems. When a file is deleted from the Mac’s storage drive, it’s not always immediately erased; instead, the reference to the file is removed from the file system, making the data potentially recoverable until new data overwrite it. MacKeeper’s file recovery feature attempts to locate and restore these deleted files.

How to use Mackeeper Files Recovery?

To use the file recovery feature in MacKeeper, users typically follow these steps:



Users need to download and install MacKeeper on their macOS systems. Also, this involves downloading the software from the MacKeeper website and running the installer.


Launching the Application:

Once you have installed this application into your device, now, launch the application.


Navigating to File Recovery:

Within the MacKeeper interface, users need to locate the file recovery feature. This might be found under a specific category such as “Data Recovery” or “File Tools.”


Scanning for Deleted Files:

Users can initiate a scan of their system’s storage drive to see deleted files that might still be there. The software will search for remnants of deleted files in areas of the drive where data has not been overwritten.


Previewing and Selecting Files:

Once the scan is complete, MacKeeper typically provides a list of found files. Users can preview these files to determine which ones they want to recover.



Now, they can recover their files.

The most in-demand features of MacKeeper file recovery:

MacKeeper offers a distinct and wide array of features that shape this application into one of the best and most in-demand ones.

Security Concerns:

MacKeeper focuses on protecting your Mac from various security threats, including malware, spyware, and phishing attacks.


Real-Time Protection:

MacKeeper offers real-time monitoring to detect and prevent threats before they can harm your system. It scans files, downloads, and websites in real time to block malicious content.


Malware Scanner:

The built-in malware scanner helps you perform comprehensive scans of your Mac to identify and remove any malicious software that might have been inadvertently installed.



MacKeeper includes a firewall that helps prevent unauthorized network access and protects sensitive data.

Incredible Performance:

MacKeeper aims to optimize your Mac’s performance by removing clutter, managing startup items, and enhancing system responsiveness.


Junk File Cleanup:

This feature helps you identify and remove unnecessary files such as cache, temporary, and log files that can accumulate over time and slow down your Mac.


Startup Item Management:

MacKeeper allows you to manage the applications that launch at startup. Controlling startup items can improve your Mac’s boot time and overall performance.


Resource Optimization:

The software can help you identify resource-hungry applications and processes, allowing you to optimize CPU and memory usage for smoother multitasking.

Privacy Protection:

MacKeeper offers tools to safeguard your online privacy and keep your browsing activities confidential.

Browsing History Clearance:

You can clear your browsing history, search history, and cookies to maintain your privacy and prevent unauthorized access to your online activities.

Cookie Management:

MacKeeper allows you to manage and delete cookies, which can help protect your personal information from being tracked by websites.

Online Tracking Prevention:

This feature helps prevent websites from tracking your online behavior and collecting data about your browsing habits.

Files Recovery:

If you accidentally delete important files or data, MacKeeper provides a feature to assist in file recovery.


File Recovery:

MacKeeper’s file recovery tool can attempt to recover deleted files, which can be a lifesaver if you accidentally delete something important.


MacKeeper’s Anti-Theft feature helps you locate your Mac in case it’s lost or stolen.


Location Tracking:

If your Mac is stolen, you can track its location using the Anti-Theft feature. It captures photos of the user (if available) and location data to assist in recovery.


MacKeeper offers backup solutions to help you protect your important data.


Data Backup:

You can set up automated backups to ensure that your important files are regularly saved to a secure location.

Adware Cleaner:

Adware Cleaner helps you remove unwanted adware and browser extensions from your system.

This tool scans your system for adware and potentially unwanted programs, allowing you to clean up your Mac from intrusive ads and unwanted browser modifications.

Is The Mackkeeper File Recovery User Interface Interactive?

MacKeeper features an intuitive and visually appealing user interface designed to simplify the management and optimisation of macOS systems. The interface combined a sleek design with practical functionality, allowing users to easily navigate various features.


Upon launching MacKeeper, users were typically greeted by a clean and organised dashboard. This dashboard served as a central hub where users could quickly analyse the overall health and performance of their Mac. It often displayed pivotal information such as system status, security alerts, and recommendations for optimisation.


The interface was logically divided into sections, each corresponding to a specific aspect of system management.

Why You'll Love Mackeeper Files Recovery:

  • Effortless: With its deep scan tech, Mackeeper makes sure it leaves no file behind.


  • User-Friendly: It’s like having a helpful friend guide you through the recovery process – no stress, no fuss.


  • Choose Wisely: The file preview feature lets you be picky about what you want to recover, saving you time and space.


  • Security First: Mackeeper’s got your back when it comes to keeping your recovered files safe and sound.


Controversies of MacKeeper and how they helped them improve:

MacKeeper has navigated through a series of challenges, showcasing resilience and growth. While the company proactively tackled many concerns, it’s valuable to acknowledge its journey in context. Here’s a glimpse at the noteworthy aspects:

User-Centric Approach:

MacKeeper’s history includes instances of assertive marketing strategies, such as pop-up ads, to raise awareness about the software. These measures were intended to assist users by offering them a solution to potential issues.

Legal Resolutions:

Legal proceedings, like the 2014 class-action lawsuit, allowed MacKeeper’s parent company, ZeoBIT, to demonstrate accountability. In 2015, ZeoBIT’s settlement underscored the commitment to customer satisfaction with a monetary allocation for eligible users.

Streamlined Experience:

Past concerns regarding software removal prompted enhancements to uninstallation procedures. MacKeeper’s developers diligently addressed any inconveniences, thus prioritising user convenience.

Comprehensive Functionality:

The software’s diverse features have spurred discussions about their efficacy. While opinions varied on the extent of optimisation and security enhancements, MacKeeper maintained its role in offering a range of tools to users.

Privacy Focus:

MacKeeper’s journey included lessons in data security, with the incident in 2015. This experience led to a reaffirmed commitment to safeguarding user data and privacy.

Progress and Adaptation:

MacKeeper’s parent company evolved the software’s approach in response to evolving feedback. This involved refining user experiences, moving away from aggressive marketing, and simplifying software removal.

MacKeeper File Recovery Pricing:

MacKeeper File Recovery Pricing

For a very reasonable price, MacKeeper offers all its features that enable you to keep your files backed up in one place without any extra effort.


So, buy MacKeeper file recovery and be stress-free regarding your important data. They offer three different plans for various audiences. Their best deal is worth $7.45/month, billed as a one-time payment of $89.40 for 12 months.

Pros and Cons:



●       Data Recovery:

MacKeeper offers a data recovery feature to help you retrieve accidentally deleted files.

●       Memory Cleaner:

The memory cleaner tool can help enhance system performance by freeing up RAM, potentially enhancing multitasking and responsiveness.

●       Adware Removal:

MacKeeper’s adware cleaner can assist in removing unwanted adware and browser extensions that may affect your web browsing experience.

●       24/7 Customer Support:

MacKeeper offers 24/7 customer support.




  • Controversy
  • Low-Performance Impact
  • Resource Consumption
  • Questionable Effectiveness

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Is MacKeeper file recovery legit?

Yes! It is completely trustworthy. Their features are reliable and justify their price points.


Where can I buy MacKeeper file recovery?

You can buy MacKeeper from their website. You can choose from some affordable plans based on your preferences.


Can I recover the deleted file on Mac?

Yes! You can use MacKeeper to recover your deleted files. This software is equipped with technology to retrieve your deleted files.


Whether to use MacKeepr file recovery or not completely depends on your preference. However, we highly recommend this software. If you have a file that was quite important to you but lost, this is where you need MacKeeper file recovery.


This software has all the benefits that a user needs. There are a few controversies, but MacKeeper has improved significantly since then. Everything about MacKeeper will satisfy their customers since their pricing is very affordable, and their user interface is highly commendable.

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