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Skystra Review: Elevating Your Hosting Experience to New Heights

skystra reviews
Skystra Review

There are several options for businesses that will web host your next WordPress website, corporate website, business, or online store in the digital age.


Today, we’ll comprehensively examine Skystra Hosting, a hosting provider that has recently attracted an audience.


In addition to shared hosting, reseller hosting, VPS hosting, managed web hosts, WordPress hosting, and dedicated server hosting, Skystra, a cloud-based web hosting provider, also provides a variety of other services.


A 99.9% uptime guarantee, a variety of one-click script installs for well-known content management systems, and round-the-clock customer assistance are all provided as guarantees for their services.

Skystra Review - Basic Info:

Skystra’s Core Specialization: WordPress and WooCommerce Hosting

At Skystra, WordPress and WooCommerce hosting are the pillars of our expertise. We offer more than just hosting; we provide a comprehensive platform where you can purchase domain names, craft your website using WordPress from the ground up, and effortlessly manage your email communications.

Our central mission revolves around delivering the finest digital services and unparalleled customer support. We achieve this by consistently advancing our technology and making continuous enhancements to our services. Above all, our relentless commitment is to ensure client satisfaction by offering round-the-clock human assistance.

Skystra Review
Skystra Review

I tested Skystra as their web server offer great security. They regularly maintain hardware and infrastructure to ensure that everything runs as smoothly as possible. This indicates that my data is safe and that anybody can view my website whenever they want.


The fact that Skystra consistently provides high-caliber service is what customers appreciate about it the most. Keep on reading this Skystra review to find out more about thai web hosting.

How to Obtain a Free SSL Certificate from Skystra?

Securing your website with a free SSL certificate from Skystra is as easy as a walk in the park. Here’s a friendly guide to help you through the process:

Step 1: Sign Up or Log In to Your Skystra Account

  • If you’re not already part of the Skystra family, go ahead and sign up for one of our hosting plans. If you’re an existing customer, just log in to your account to get started on securing your website.

Step 2: Access Your cPanel

  • Once you’re in, head over to your hosting control panel, which is usually called cPanel. It’s your gateway to managing all things related to your website.

Step 3: Find the SSL/TLS Manager

  • In your cPanel, look for the SSL/TLS Manager or something similar that relates to SSL certificates. This is where the magic happens!

Step 4: Generate Your SSL Certificate

  • Inside the SSL/TLS Manager, you’ll find an option to generate a new SSL certificate. It’s like ordering a special shield for your website.
  • You’ll need to provide some basic information, like your domain name and contact details.

Step 5: Verify Your Domain

  • To make sure everything is super secure, you might need to prove that you own the domain. This usually involves responding to an email or adding a special DNS record provided by the certificate authority.

Step 6: Install Your Certificate

  • Once your domain ownership is confirmed, your SSL certificate will be issued. Installing it is the next exciting step! You can often do this directly from your cPanel.
  • Just follow the easy instructions provided by Skystra or your cPanel to complete the installation.

Step 7: Update Your Website

  • To complete the transformation to HTTPS, you might need to update your website settings. It’s akin to adding the final brushstrokes to a work of art!
  • Make sure your website now loads using HTTPS, and all its elements are served securely.

Step 8: Test and Enjoy

  • Time to test your website – you’ll see a friendly padlock icon in the browser’s address bar, assuring your visitors that your site is safe and secure.
  • Ensure that all the content on your website, like images and scripts, is loaded via HTTPS to avoid any mixed content issues.

Step 9: Keep it Fresh

  • Remember that SSL certificates have an expiration date (usually a year). Don’t forget to renew it in time to keep your website’s security up to date.

With these steps, you’ll not only enhance your website’s security but also spread positivity and trust to your visitors. Skystra is here to make your journey to a secure website as smooth as possible – like a friendly guide on your adventure! 😊🔒🌟


Skystra Review - Pricing & Plans:

I discovered that Skystra offers three distinct specialist hosting categories, each with three different hosting plans, on its website. They are as following:


  1. Agency Hosting
  2. Managed WordPress Hosting,
  3. Cloud Hosting
Essentials Standard Advanced
$ 2.95 (USD)/mo
$ 4.95 (USD)/mo
$ 9.95 (USD)/mo
1 Website
100 Websites
Unlimited Websites
10 GB SSD Storage
20 GB SSD Storage
40 GB SSD Storage
1.5 CPU Cores
2 CPU Cores
3 CPU Cores
1.5 GB Memory
2 GB Memory
4 GB Memory
6144 KB/S I/O
8192 KB/S I/O
10240 KB/S I/O
35 Active Processes
45 Active Processes
55 Active Processes

30 Day Free Trial:

The 30-Day Free Trial was the major thing that drew me in since I didn’t want to invest money only to find out that I was being duped and would eventually lose it, starting a cycle that would go on for who knows how long.


Every cent needs to be preserved in my field of business since it is difficult, and the profit margin is not very high to offer high-quality things at costs that are affordable.


I was pretty perplexed since I didn’t know which bundle to select. However, their standardpackage is marketed as the most used and recommended one.

Skystra Review - Uptime & Speed:

In order to check about the speed and uptime of Skystra we performed two different tests.

These tests are wel known in the industry for being reliable when it comes to testing speed and uptime of any website.

Pingdom Test:
Pingdom Test Of skystra
Pingdom Test Of Skystra

Sadly, it did not do well on Pingdom test. We tried multiple times and it failed to show good results. However, this can be a human error or a network error. So, we tried a different test as well.

GTmetrix Test:
GTmetrix Test Of Skystra
GTmetrix Test Of Skystra

The speed and uptime were significantly enhanced when it came to GTmetrix. So, this shows that Skystra has a very reliable speed and uptime value.

Skystra Review - Features:

Skystra does offer some incredible features. Let’s dive into them.

Free Migration:

I don’t want to forget to talk about the most crucial task at hand: Skystra’s offer of a free website transfer from the old hosting to the new one. I was concerned that if something happened and I lost all of my data, I would be forced to start again and lose all of my previous efforts.

Free Migration Of Skytra
Free Migration Of Skytra

Although they guarantee that there won’t be any downtime and that migrations typically take two hours. Many customers have talked about how quick and easy it has been.

SEO Tools:

SEO optimization is now crucial for your online presence and exposure. It is the best technique to make your website successful and draw in a steady stream of visitors. You will get free access to a number of SEO plugins with Skystra. They also provide many SEO resources; use them and watch as your website reaches the top of search results!

WordPress Management:

One of the most vital aspects of website management is WordPress management. Thankfully, Skystra can still be helpful in such a situation. They offer 24/7 support & maintenance for your WordPress themes, plugins, and security upgrades through Skystra Care. Additionally, their help is available around-the-clock, and you will always speak to a human, not a robot, which is excellent.

WordPress Plugins:

Plugins are crucial for your website to function effectively and with all the features you desire. But initially, they could be pretty expensive for your finances. Even in that case, Skystra might be useful because it provides them for free and lets you select from a large range of plugins to improve your website.

Well Optimized WordPress:

Your website will function more efficiently and effectively thanks to Skystra’s WordPress hosting’s excellent optimization. Fun fact: Compared to alternative hosting, websites hosted with Skystra completely load 87% quicker. That is accurate in my experience. That is exceptionally outstanding, and it’s because the business continually spends in creating, researching, and enhancing its web services. Your website will already be faster thanks to hosting with Skystra, so you may stop using all of your performance plugins.

Several WordPress Themes:

It might happen that you see your website one way in the beginning when you’re constructing it, and then all of a sudden you decide to change the way it looks. Even if something occurs later, it can still cost you more money.


However, Skystra offers more than 10,000 free WordPress themes, so you are fully covered. More than 2000 WordPress themes are available for bloggers, 1000+ free designs are available for restaurants, and more than 1000 are available for media and content websites.

SSL Certificate:

Websites need SSL certificates since this is how you can assure visitors that your site is safe and won’t compromise their data. It will ensure that every communication between your website and its users is encrypted from beginning to end. Fortunately, Skystra includes a free SSL certificate with your website hosting package.  Using Skystra as your web server still has another significant benefit for you.

Premium Caching:

Caching plays a huge role in how quickly your page loads. Additionally, your website’s chances of appearing on the initial pages of search engine results are greater the quicker and lighter it is. Skystra is always looking for ways to make its clients’ websites run better, and can even boost it by 125%. This implies that your websites will load quickly and that there will be little to no delay.

Daily Backups:

You must take every precaution to keep your data secure. For this reason, the experts at Skystra are taking care to create several copies of your backups and daily backups of your data. This ensures that your website data is completely safe and that there are methods for restoring it even if all the material is deleted from a backup.


Additionally, you can always go back to a prior version of your website if you are working on it and don’t like the results. There are 14 daily restoration points available in Skystra, giving you many possibilities.

You Don’t Need Cosing Skills:

Utilizing Skystra doesn’t require any coding knowledge! By selecting your own theme and controlling it, you can easily manage your website. Additionally, you may install as many plugins as you like to make website maintenance simple. Instead of worrying about maintaining your website, this will assist you establish your internet presence.

Good Choice for Woocommerce:

Like a physical business, building an online store takes time and a lot of work. You can relieve the situation by using Skystra’s WooCommerce Hosting services. Your Ecommerce store may be quickly built and updated as often as you’d like with Skystra’s WooCommerce solution. You already have WooCommerce installed on it. That simplifies things and makes running your new internet store a complete joy.

Woocommerce Skystra
Woocommerce Skystra

You may have a limitless number of items in your store, which is one of the major benefits of using Skystra for your online store. Additionally, you may pick from various payment processors to accept payments anywhere in the world. Skystra also provides website analytics so you may monitor every aspect of your website. Additionally, you receive an infinite number of email accounts, which is rather kind.

Professional Email:

Utilizing Skystra’s services also has the benefit of their expert email. Being well-groomed and professional is usually a good idea when establishing a new business. You will thus require a business email with your own domain name. All of Skystra’s hosting plans, which range in variety, include email. Additionally, your email will come with anti-virus and anti-spam protection, and you can use it with Apple Mail, Gmail, and Outlook.

Skystra Review - Interface:

You should have no trouble using Skystra’s user interface.


With only one click, you may access your control panel or WordPress dashboard. More than anything, you’d be content to have your internet business working and available for your consumers to make purchases from you. The assistance HelpDesk was simple to use.


You might have a baffling experience trying to find your email access. However, their customer support will be right there for you.


Once more, they provide timely assistance in response to even that basic query!

Why Skystra Shines Brighter Than the Rest?

Skystra is not your average hosting provider – it’s like the cool breeze on a sunny day, a refreshing change from the crowd. Here’s why Skystra is the bee’s knees compared to other hosting options:

  1. WordPress and WooCommerce Wizards:
  • Skystra doesn’t just host websites; they’re experts in WordPress and WooCommerce hosting. It’s like having a personal tutor for your WordPress site or online store, ensuring it runs like a dream.
  1. Superhero Support:
  • Ever had a hosting-related problem and felt like you were in the dark? Skystra’s customer support is like a beacon of light. They’re available 24/7, like your trusty sidekick, ready to assist with a smile.
  1. Hosting on Autopilot:
  • Imagine a hosting provider that takes care of all the nitty-gritty server stuff so you can focus on your website. Skystra offers managed services, like having a team of experts in your corner.
  1. Fort Knox-Level Security:
  • Skystra doesn’t take security lightly. They’re like the vigilant guardians of your website, implementing top-notch security measures to keep it safe from online threats.
  1. Where in the World? Data Centers Everywhere!
  • With data centers scattered around the globe, Skystra lets you pick a home for your website wherever you want. It’s like choosing the perfect neighborhood for your digital home.
  1. Hosting Made Easy:
  • Skystra believes in keeping things simple. Their control panel is user-friendly, even if you’re not a tech guru. It’s like hosting for everyone!
  1. Price That Won’t Break the Bank:
  • You’d think top-tier hosting costs a fortune, but not with Skystra. They offer premium services without the premium price tag. It’s like getting a Ferrari for the price of a family sedan!
  1. Always Innovating:
  • Skystra never rests on its laurels. They’re like the mad scientists of hosting, always cooking up new tech wizardry to make your website faster and safer.


So there you have it – Skystra is not just another hosting provider; it’s your partner in making your online dreams come true. With their expertise, support, and dedication to your success, it’s like having a friend who’s always got your back in the digital world. Cheers to hosting that feels like home! 🚀🌟

Skystra Review - pros & Cons:

Pros Cons
  • Skystra offers affordable pricing, especially with its current promotional offer, which is cheaper than that of many other well-known hosting companies.


  • A lot of features - Skystra offers unlimited storage, bandwidth, a free SSL certificate, and a free domain name for the first year with each of its pricing tiers.


  • Reliable uptime and performance - According to the tests, Skystra's servers exhibited quick load times and no downtime.


  • Customer service that responds - The support personnel was able to handle any queries or problems in a timely and efficient manner.
  • Self-managed hosting is unavailable.


  • A very limited number of pricing plans


In this Skystra hosting review, we found that it is a terrific hosting option for me, mainly because it’s simple to use and browse while still offering excellent security. It also regularly enhances its offerings, which is wonderful because you can use the most recent and updated technologies.


Skystra is an excellent choice for web hosting since it offers fantastic assistance around the clock. They are nice and always accessible if you have any questions. Overall, Skystra contains everything you need to develop a fantastic website and is suitable for novice and professional designers.

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