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Turnkey Internet Review 2023 – Is It Reasonable?

Turnkey Internet Review
Turnkey Internet Review

In the world of online business, it is crucial to have a website that stands out the most. Since the competition is never-ending and at its peak, sellers need to find the perfect domain that goes well with their business, and they need a better look for the site as well. However, all of this gets complicated to find a reasonable budget. So, here we have a hosting company called Turnkey Internet.


Turnkey Internet opened its doors in 1999 when it started providing consultancy services to other telecom firms and internet service providers.  To make sure they received the level of service they needed, they constantly kept the consumer in mind.  They have increased their offering of services over time, including web hosting.

Turnkey Internet Review - Basic Info:

Many acknowledge that they are unaware of or have never heard of Turnkey Internet. However, there aren’t many geeks who have heard of or utilized Turnkey.


Overall, Turnkey has received a mixed response in terms of popularity. Let me offer a little introduction to Turnkey before I continue.


Yes, Turnkey Internet does offer hosting services, to put it simply. Unlike most other hosting platforms, Turnkey was not initially centered on hosting services.

turnkey internet hosting review
Turnkey Internet Hosting Review

Before progressively evolving into one of the many hosting options, it was initially founded in 1999 to offer ISP and Enhanced Telecommunication Providers consultancy services.


Turnkey Internet now offers cloud hosting, dedicated hosting, and shared hosting.  They also provide other items, such as software as a service.  The business is “100% green,” meaning they only use renewable energy, a wonderful perk.  Overall, this is a high-quality hosting company with many appealing features.

Turnkey Internet Review - Plans & Pricing:

This business offers fairly affordable prices.  The fact that they really pressure you into longer-term commitments is the one thing that most people won’t enjoy.  For shared hosting, you must prepay for three years to receive the advertised costs.  Even while most hosting providers give discounts for paying in advance for a year or more, this is going too far.  However, if you select that option, they do accept payments made on a monthly basis.


A list of their costs and plans is given below.

Best Value Dedicated Servers Pro Series Dedicated Servers Best cPanel Dedicated Servers
$53.99 Per Month
$115.99 Per Month
$114.99 Per Month
Gigabit Network Port
Gigabit Network Port
UnMetered Bandwidth
10 TB Bandwidth
SSD Storage
High Performance DDR4 RAM
Server Hardening & Backups
2 x Intel Xeon CPUs
Intel Xeon E5 CPUs | 8 - 22 Cores
cPanel Premier Metal License
Dell PowerEdge Bare Metal Servers
Dell PowerEdge R630 Bare Metal Servers
Fully Managed Dedicated Servers
T120 Cloud VPS T80 Cloud VPS T40 Cloud VPS Custom Cloud VPS
$39.99 Per Month
$29.99 Per Month
$19.99 Per Month
$6.99 Per Month
120 GB SSD Storage
Content80 GB SSD Storage
40 GB SSD Storage
5 GB SSD Storage
12 GB RAM / Memory
8 GB RAM / Memory
4 GB RAM / Memory
1 GB RAM / Memory
12 CPU Cores
8 CPU Cores
4 CPU Cores
1 CPU Core
KVM Hypervisor
KVM Hypervisor
KVM Hypervisor
KVM Hypervisor
Dedicated IPv4 & IPv6
Dedicated IPv4 & IPv6
Dedicated IPv4 & IPv6
Dedicated IPv4 & IPv6
UnMetered Bandwidth
UnMetered Bandwidth
UnMetered Bandwidth
UnMetered Bandwidth
C10 cPanel Hosting Unlimited cPanel Hosting
$3.49 Per Month
$5.99 Per Month
Domains: 10
Domains: Unlimited
Dedicated IPv4: Optional
Dedicated IPv4: Included
Gigabit Bandwidth: Unlimited
Gigabit Bandwidth: Unlimited
SSD Storage: Unlimited
SSD Storage: Unlimited
cPanel/WHM Reseller Shared cPanel/WHM Reseller VPS cPanel/WHM Reseller Dedicated
$39.99 Per Month
$109.99 Per Month
$239.99 Per Month
Shared Resources: 24 CPU Cores - 32 GB RAM
Dedicated Resources: 6 CPU Cores - 6 GB RAM
Dual Hexa-Core CPU - 32 GB RAM
SSD Storage: 150 GB
SSD Storage: 150 GB
4 x 250 GB SSD -or- 4 x 1 TB SATA
Dedicated IPv6: 1 per cPanel Account
Dedicated IPv6: One /64 Subnet
Dedicated IPv6: One /64 Subnet
Dedicated IPv4: 3 Usable
Dedicated IPv4: 4 Usable
Dedicated IPv4: 5 Usable

The prices are not too reasonable. However, they are in the medium range of affordability.

Turnkey Internet Review - Speed & Uptime:

This company’s hosting is incredibly reliable. People seem to be very pleased with the stability of this hosting company, and they even offer a 100% network uptime guarantee, from what I can see.  They probably employ high-end hardware, including SSDs, so that won’t bring on any outages. They also reside in a nice data center with a backup network and power connections.


Turnkey Internet makes use of cutting-edge, sustainable green energy technologies. At their green data centers, the electricity is generated locally.

Turnkey Internet Review - Features:

Turnkey Internet does offer a wide range of features, as shown below.

Backup Services:

The backup does need to be highlighted in this case. A Turnkey Vault for backup services uses cutting-edge technologies and a simple GUI to plan backups.


The technology behind this is cloud backup, which is both dependable and secure. This enables restoration at any time.

Free Migration:

You may move everything with the use of Turnkey Internet, including emails, databases, programs, and websites. You can move everything on your website.


Additionally, this is a complimentary service. Turnkey Internet offers a complimentary consultation if you’re unsure how to relocate.


Your current web server can be a backup, and Turnkey will assist with restoration.

In the event that you request that Turnkey make backups from your current server, Turnkey will do so and transfer up to 20 accounts.


Turnkey imposes a $1.50 fee for every account transfer over this threshold.

Money-Back Guarantee:

You are entitled to a cost-free, one-month trial from the hosting company. If the hosting meets your needs, you can continue using it; otherwise, Turnkey Internet will immediately return your money. To start with, a Turnkey money-back guarantee is a major advantage.

Turnkey Internet Review - Customer Support:

Overall, you might not need any assistance using the hosting service. Still, if you do, you can call Turnkey Internet customer support, chat online, or submit a ticket.


Most of the solutions have been addressed by Turnkey in a knowledge base. To find answers to your questions, visit that knowledge base page. Additionally, there are a ton of FAQs in each section of the Turnkey page that can aid in your comprehension.


If there are problems with the hosting-related service, Teams of turnkey support specialists are on call round-the-clock to help you. Therefore, in my opinion, you shouldn’t be concerned about the infrastructure because this hosting provider is trustworthy and secure for hosting websites.

Turnkey Internet Review - Extras:

Turnkey helps with server migrations and website migrations. In addition to free services, it also offers free migration aid.


Based on storage and speed requirements, Turnkey offers a variety of server configuration options. You would always have enough supplies. In addition, you only pay for configurations that you use.


Turnkey offers a huge selection of Softaculous scripts, simplifying the building of websites, blogs, and online stores.

Turnkey Internet Review - Ease of Use:

TurnKey Internet provides dedicated server rentals, reseller hosting, SEO hosting, and shared Linux and Windows hosting. They include the following essential features in all of their shared hosting plans by default:



  • 100% network uptime guarantee on all services
  • Domain registration available at additional cost
  • Free SSL certificates available
  • From five to unlimited add-on domains
  • Infinite RAID 10 SSD storage
  • R1Soft backup for automatic website restore
  • Unlimited bandwidth


Because TurnKey Internet owns and manages its own data center in New York, its websites load quickly and problems are resolved quickly. This data center not only achieves 100% availability that is supported by a service level agreement, but it also complies fully with rigorous American certification criteria.


They employ dedicated IPv4 and IPv6 addresses, which means your websites will load very quickly and be available using either the old or new Internet addressing system. They also use SSDs for storage, which provide far quicker disk read rates than conventional hard drives.



I could go on forever listing features! But rest assured—I won’t. They provide a free website builder and the one-click Softaculous setup for beginners. For specialists, they support Perl, CGI, Ruby, RoR, and Python in addition to PHP 5.6 and 7. A package with unlimited disk space, bandwidth, subdomains, add-on domains, parked domains, MySQL databases, and other features is also available. Although “unlimited” can never imply “unlimited,” I doubt you could discover a more complete strategy.

Turnkey Internet Hosting Review: The Good and the Not-So-Good! 😊👎

Hey there, savvy webmasters, and future online entrepreneurs! Choosing the perfect hosting provider can be a bit like finding the perfect slice of pizza – you want it to be reliable, delicious, and not too pricey. Turnkey Internet Hosting might just be the hosting joint you’ve been looking for, but like all good things, it comes with a side of pros and cons. Let’s dive in!

The Pros – What We Love 😍

1. Eco-Friendly Vibes 🌱

Turnkey Internet is like the Captain Planet of hosting providers. They’re all about saving the planet with their 100% renewable energy-powered data centers. If you’re a green warrior, this could be your hosting heaven.


2. Rock-Solid Reliability 🌟

Imagine a hosting provider that promises 100% uptime – while no one can guarantee that, Turnkey Internet comes pretty close. With their high uptime guarantee, your website can stay up and running, even during internet hiccups.


3. Hosting for All Tastes 🍰

From shared hosting to VPS, dedicated servers, cloud hosting, colocation, and reseller hosting – Turnkey Internet’s got it all. It’s like a hosting buffet where you can pick the perfect dish to suit your website’s taste.


4. Budget-Friendly Goodness 💰

If you’re watching your wallet, Turnkey Internet’s pricing is definitely in your favor. They offer great value for your hosting bucks without skimping on quality.


5. Super Support Heroes 🦸‍♂️🦸‍♀️

Need help at 2 AM? No worries! Their customer support team is like the Avengers – they’re available 24/7 via live chat, email, and phone. Quick responses and helpful assistance, are all part of the package.


6. Easy Website Migration 🚀

Thinking of ditching your current hosting provider? Turnkey Internet offers a smooth, free website migration service. No fuss, no muss – just a seamless transition.

The Cons – What to Keep in Mind 😕

1. A Few Service Hiccups 🤨

Some users have mentioned resource limitations, especially with shared hosting plans. If your site occasionally throws a party with traffic spikes, this could be a buzzkill.


2. Not Everywhere, Anytime 🌍

Turnkey Internet mainly operates in New York and California. If your website caters to a global audience, limited data center locations could mean slightly longer loading times for some visitors.


3. Storage Mystery 🧐

They don’t explicitly mention using SSD storage, which has become the gold standard for fast data access. A little more transparency on this front would be great.


In a nutshell, Turnkey Internet Hosting has plenty of goodies to offer, from their green credentials to reliability, budget-friendliness, and super support. However, keep an eye on minor limitations, like resource allocation, data center locations, and storage tech details. So, is Turnkey Internet your hosting soulmate? It depends on your website’s needs and what toppings you prefer on your hosting pizza! 🍕😉

Would I endorse Turnkey Internet?

I would wholeheartedly recommend Turnkey Internet Hosting! 🌟


Turnkey Internet is a fantastic choice for anyone in search of reliable hosting services with a side of eco-consciousness. 🌿 Their commitment to sustainability, powered by 100% renewable energy sources, is not only great for the environment but also ensures that your hosting needs are met without harming our planet. 🌍


What’s more, their impressive 100% network uptime guarantee means you can trust them to keep your website up and running smoothly, even during peak traffic times. 👍


With a wide range of hosting services to choose from, including shared hosting, VPS, dedicated servers, and more, you’ll find the perfect fit for your specific needs. And the best part? Turnkey Internet’s pricing is budget-friendly, making it accessible for individuals and businesses alike. 💰


Their customer support team is top-notch, available 24/7 to assist you with any questions or concerns. 🙌 Plus, if you’re thinking about switching from another hosting provider, they offer a hassle-free, free website migration service to ensure a seamless transition. 🚀


In a world where online security is paramount, Turnkey Internet has got you covered with DDoS protection, firewall options, and regular server monitoring. Your website and data will be safe and sound. 🔒


So, whether you’re running a small blog, a booming e-commerce store, or anything in between, Turnkey Internet Hosting is a reliable, eco-friendly, and budget-friendly choice that won’t let you down. I encourage you to give them a shot – you’ll be pleasantly surprised! 😊


Turnkey Internet Review - Frequently Asked Questions:

What hardware does Turnkey use?

Enterprise-class servers run in their own green data center in New York. The most recent operating system and applications that you choose at checkout are installed on our servers, which are thoroughly optimized. Dual Hexa-Core Xeon CPUs are available on our cPanel servers, giving your web applications access to 24 visible CPUs! We take pleasure in not overtaxing our servers and in providing our customers with the best-performing hardware available.

Does Turnkey Internet provide backups?

Yes, they provide user-level cPanel backups and fully automated bare-metal backups with their R1Soft backup technology.

What payment methods does Turnkey Internet accept?

Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and VISA/MC debit cards are among the most popular credit cards. In addition, we accept payments using Google Checkout, Moneybookers, PayPal, and BitPay for Bitcoin.

Do they offer money-back guarantee?

All new clients are eligible for a 30-day, no-questions-asked money-back guarantee.


Turnkey offers a number of complimentary services that are part of the package. Something that, in the case of a number of other hosting providers, you could have to pay for. The server configurations, cloud technologies, resiliency, vast range of functions, and reliable uptime are undeniably alluring and captivating.


A wonderful alternative if you’re seeking affordable, managed, and dedicated server hosting. To sum up, the Turnkey Internet review is outstanding and highly recommended. Turnkey unquestionably merits a big thumbs up.

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