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Crazy Domains Review 2024 – What’s Important?

Crazy Domains Review
Crazy Domains Review

Australia is no different from the rest of the globe regarding the importance of web hosting, and there are numerous advantages to choosing both domestic and foreign web providers who provide services for the Australian market. Speed owing to close proximity of server location and features that may be customized to suit the requirements of the Australian market are advantages of local hosting.  Local Australian web providers have evolved their offerings throughout time to compete with larger international web hosting companies.


Here we have a hosting review for you that will keep you hooked. The Crazy Domain reviews hails from Australia. Additionally, Crazy Domains offers its own website creation tool. Although it is undoubtedly more expensive, you should try it before deciding. Weekly backups are included with Crazy Domains packages, while we believe daily backups are preferable for obvious reasons. Keep on reading to find out more.

Crazy Domains Review - Basic Info:

Data centers for Crazy Domains are located in Perth and Sydney, as well as the UK, Belgium, the US, Hong Kong, India, and Singapore. The company says that more than 1.5 million websites rely on its hosting services. It offers transfer hosting (where you may migrate your site and email from your existing web hosting provider to Crazy Domains), web hosting, DNS hosting, WordPress hosting, Linux hosting, Windows servers, dedicated servers, and custom servers.

crazy domains hosting review
Crazy Domains Hosting Review

Although it offers unlimited bandwidth with all its shared hosting plans, there is no complimentary SSL. Since you don’t receive much for the price with its regular WordPress hosting plan, in our opinion, it’s not worth the money. Also, some Crazy Domains’ hosting options need a ten-year commitment, which we believe is a bit excessive but lower the monthly cost overall.


Additionally, Crazy Domains hosting review shows that it offers its website creation tool. Although it is undoubtedly more expensive, you might elect to give it a try before deciding. Weekly backups are included with Crazy Domains packages, while we believe daily backups are preferable for obvious reasons. The live chat support’s response time was quite quick and simple, and Crazy Domains also provides round-the-clock phone and email service.

Crazy Domains Review - Backups & Security:

Weekly backups are performed at Crazy Domains. Although daily backups are unusual on low-cost plans, you’d still want to see them.


You may also generate a backup on demand or restore a backup using the backup wizard. It’s incredibly simple to use, and if you want to archive the backup locally, you can download it to your computer. Additionally, a one-click restoration tool makes it simple to recover a file that was unintentionally deleted.


According to Crazy Domains, it will continuously check your website for security flaws and offers a plugin called WP Fort Knox that can spot malware. But there are no gold reserves.

Crazy Domains Review - Services & Features:

There are a ton of features offered by Crazy Domains, all of which are listed below.

Domain Backorder:

The Company also helps you acquire your chosen domain name, even if it has already been registered by someone else. They keep an eye on the domain name until it expires or is removed and may be registered.


They reserve and register the domain for you as soon as it becomes available.

Domain Transfer:

Crazy Domains provides you with many services that are difficult to get elsewhere because it is the authorized Indian domain name registrar.


Along with the company’s good name and dependability, they provide quick domain transfers, amiable customer service available around-the-clock, and simple administration tools.

Domain Renewal:

If you registered your domain there, renewing it is rather simple. You can follow the instructions in the email they provided as a reminder to renew, sign into your account management, or type your domain name straight into the renewal box.


At the time of registration, they also provide the auto-renew option for domain security.

Domain Registration:

Along with a personalized email, they assist you in choosing the ideal domain for your website. Additionally, they give their clients a free 1-year domain registration with any 1-year website hosting.


You may select a domain from various categories, including:

  • .com,
  • .in,
  • .co,
  • .net,
  • .online,
  • .store,
  • .tech, etc.

Each of these options for renewal and transfer is offered at various pricing points.

Domain Privacy Protection:

Every domain owner dreads it, even if it is necessary for their domain. Domain owners can benefit from Crazy Domains’ security services. They provide secured WHOIS and defend your domain from spam and theft.


By concealing your ID and maintaining total privacy with regard to your personal information, they safeguard your identity. But you always maintain total command over your realm. All domains strictly abide by the domain privacy guidelines established by ICANN.

Domain Tools:

I like this one best. Your domain name, goods, and services are completely under your control with the domain manager.


It enables you to carry out tasks that, at first glance, appear to be easily challenging. Examples include managing multiple domains, renewing and transferring domains, changing domain owners, locking your domain, setting up web and email forwarding, establishing a connection with any hosting services, organizing domain folders, applying bulk updates, managing DNS, managing your profile and notifications, and much more.

WhoIs Domain:

Every domain owner must make their contact information publicly available in the WhoIs database in accordance with the standards established by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN).


Since anybody may access this information, it can be dangerous because many spammers and identity thieves are attempting to steal the users’ identities.


The best part, though, is that Crazy Domain takes care of even this aspect of safety for you. They and the Private Registry Authority now have a formal partnership. By doing this, they prevent the public release of your personal information as well as its removal from the global WhoIs database.

Crazy Domains Review - DNS Hosting:

With its free DNS hosting, Crazy Domains offers improved security measures and backup DNS that greatly decrease the likelihood of a DDoS assault.


By sending traffic to the closest available anycast server, this feature improves the functionality of your website, making it quicker and more dependable. Their premium DNS services’ cloud is dispersed over 14 different nations.

Crazy Domains Review - All-in-One Packages:

If you’re starting from scratch, it could be wise to have a look at a Crazy Domains bundle. These packages apply to more than simply web hosting. Instead, they also contain e-commerce, website creation, and domain name registration options.


Currently, Crazy Domains has three all-inclusive packages available.

Crazy Domains Compare Packages
Startup Package:

A domain name, hosting, and a personal email account with your domain name are all included in this very basic service.


With this package, you may host your website on a cloud DNS network and register either an Australian or a worldwide domain name. You will also receive the budget hosting package, which includes up to 100 personal email accounts from your domain and 150 GB of web space. The total cost of the bundle is $128.

Business Builder Package:

Service offers both the opportunity to create a website using the Crazy Domains website builder and everything offered in the Online Startup plan.


You can have up to five pages on your website. The Traffic Booster app, which ensures that all the main search engines can see your website, is also a part of the package. The price of this average bundle is $318.

Ultimate Empire Package:

Along with the ability to sell online, email marketing tools, and access to site statistics, it includes everything that the two smaller packages do. This is not a bad value at $537.

The largest bundle they have is this.

Learning and Using CrazyDomains is a Piece of Cake!

CrazyDomains: A User-Friendly Haven for Beginners

In the fast-paced digital age we live in, having an online presence is almost a necessity. Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, a blogger, or simply want to showcase your hobbies and talents to the world, creating a website has never been more accessible. But for beginners, the world of web hosting and domain registration can seem like a daunting maze of technical jargon and complex procedures.


Enter CrazyDomains, your friendly companion on the journey to establishing your online presence. With CrazyDomains, the process of learning and using their services is a walk in the park, even if you’re starting from scratch.


Simplicity at Its Finest One of CrazyDomains’ standout features is its user-friendly interface. Navigating through their website is as easy as strolling down your favorite path in the park. Everything is neatly organized and labeled, making it a breeze to find what you need, from domain registration to website building.


Domain Registration Made Easy Are you excited about that perfect domain name you’ve thought up? With CrazyDomains, you can check its availability and register it within minutes. No need to decipher complex domain management jargon; it’s all laid out in plain English.


One-Click Wonders Want to enhance your website with features like a blog or an online store? CrazyDomains offers one-click installs for popular tools and platforms. It’s as simple as adding toppings to your favorite pizza – just click, and you’re good to go.


Build Your Dream Website Even if you’ve never built a website before, CrazyDomains has got your back. Their website builder is so user-friendly that you’ll feel like a pro web designer in no time. Drag and drop elements, customize templates, and create your online masterpiece effortlessly.


Support That Cares Should you need assistance along the way, CrazyDomains offers support that’s so responsive, that you’ll feel like they’re right there with you. Whether you have a question or run into an issue, their support team is just a click or call away.


Affordable Excellence Worried about the cost of these user-friendly services? Fear not! CrazyDomains offers competitive pricing that won’t break the bank. Starting your online journey doesn’t have to cost a fortune.


Crazy Domains Review - Customer Support:

Crazy Domains customer reviews
Crazy Domains Customer Support

Crazy Domains brags on its website about its round-the-clock customer service, which they claim offers “expert advice” and “friendly tech support.” The business also states that you may get in touch with them through phone, live chat, or email.


In fact, many Crazy Domains customer reviews talk well about customer service. They state that getting in touch with their agents is rather easy. The “Start Chat Now” button that appears on every page of the business’s website is one of the most talked about features. This makes individuals think that they can be able to start a live chat whenever they want.


Several customers have talked about this live chat feature in good terms, stating that it is easy to handle and access. You will be directed to an email interface, and from there on, you can continue with the live chat.


Additionally, consumers talk about their happy interactions with the staff members at Crazy Domains.


You need prompt, practical responses if you’re attempting to run a company on a Crazy Domains-hosted website. Hours of waiting for a dubious response are just unacceptable.


The most tech-savvy individuals out there may not have an issue with a lack of customer service, but periodically everyone needs assistance. Crazy Domains falls short in comparison.

Crazy Domains Review - Speed & Uptime:

In order to check the speed and uptime of Crazy Domains. We tested it on Pingdom and GTmetrix. Two of the most reliable speed and uptime testing tools.

Pingdom Test Of Crazy Domains
Pingdom Test Of Crazy Domains

Afterward, we performed a GTmetrix test.

Gtmatrix Report Of Crazy Domains

For unknown reasons, Crazy Domains failed to perform well on either of the speed tests. However, their website claims to have better uptime. They should take notice and improve their uptime and reliability as they are the key features that customers look for.

Crazy Domains Review - Hosting & Pricing:

Crazy Domains offers a variety of price options. Although many of them are reasonably priced, not all of the selections are very sensible.


You may, for instance, buy hosting services for one year, two years, three years, or ten years. The first three choices appear to be sensible. However, the 10-year option sounds overkill if you’re just getting started with a new website.


We wouldn’t advise paying more for the 10-year plan unless you have plenty of confidence and money to burn.



The availability of Windows or WordPress hosting for as low as three months is another peculiarity. However, you may only purchase Linux hosting for one year.


Here is a breakdown of the costs for site hosting with Crazy Domains. What you receive with each hosting package is covered in greater depth below.

Linux Hosting:

All Linux hosting customers receive some of the same fundamental features, like cPanel access, unlimited bandwidth, DDoS protection, multi-code support, FTP & SSH access, and file backups.


Customers who choose the Economy plan receive one website with 150 GB of storage. The bundle has 100 email addresses, 10 databases, and 2 stock photos.


The consumer can access infinite websites and no-cost stock photos by upgrading to the Premium plan. With 50 databases, 500 email addresses, and 500 GB of storage, this could be the best strategy for a developing organization.


Noting that the Premium package includes hosting on a cloud network, which Crazy Domains claims would result in 300% quicker speeds, is also important.

Linux Hosting Server Plan Of Crazy Domains
Linux Hosting Unlimited Economy Premium
Ten years
$10.74/ mo. ($1,288 total)
$3.58/ mo. ($430 total)
$6.45/ mo. ($774 total)
ContentThree years
$18.25/ mo. ($657 total
$6.11/ mo. ($220 total)
$10.97/ mo. ($395 total)
Two years
$19.33/ mo. ($464 total)
$6.46/ mo. ($155 total)
$11.63/ mo. ($280 total)
One year
$21.50/ mo. ($258 total)
$7.17/ mo. ($93 total)
$12.92/ mo. ($155 total)

WordPress Hosting:

If you want to utilize Crazy Domains as your host but aren’t sure which platform makes the most sense, WordPress hosting is extremely different, which is a crucial factor to take into account.


Every WordPress plan comes with one-click staging and the option to deploy the most recent WordPress version. Pre-installed GIT and WP-CLI support are available on Crazy Domains. Access through SSH and SFTP is possible, as are automated updates.


You are permitted to host one website with 10 GB of SSD storage with the Economy WordPress hosting service. You are permitted 100,000 monthly visits and unrestricted data transfers.

Wordpress Hosting Plan Of Crazy Domains
WordPress Hosting Plan Of Crazy Domains

Two WordPress websites with a combined 25 GB of SSD storage are supported under the Premium package. You can have up to 400,000 visits each month, but data transfers aren’t restricted.

Up to five WordPress websites can be run under the Ultimate plan, however, the total SSD storage available to you is just 50 GB. Unlimited data transfers and one million visits each month are included in the package.

WordPress Hosting Unlimited Economy Premium
Ten years
$13.89/ mo. ($1,667 total)
$5.30/ mo. ($636 total)
$8.59/ mo. ($1,030 total)
Three years
$23.17/ mo. ($834 total)
$8.83/ mo. ($318 total)
$14.33/ mo. ($516 total)
Two years
$24.33/ mo. ($584 total)
$9.29/ mo. ($223 total)
$15.04/ mo. ($361 total)
One year
$27.83/ mo. ($334 total)
$10.67/ mo. ($128 total)
$17.25/ mo. ($207 total)
Three months
$33.33 ($100 total)
$13/ mo. ($39 total)
$20.67 ($62 total)
Window Hosting:

You are given a personal Windows server with Plesk in an SSD cloud from them. Windows VPS fills the space between shared hosting and dedicated servers. Higher speed and the same additional features are offered at a reduced price.

Window Hosting Plan Of Crazy Domains
Window Hosting Plan Of Crazy Domains
Window Hosting Unlimited Economy Premium
Ten years
$13.60/ mo. ($1,632 total)
$6.45/ mo. ($774 total)
$9.32/ mo. ($1,118 total)
Three years
$23.14/ mo. ($833 total)
$10.94/ mo. ($394 total)
$15.83/ mo. ($570 total)
Two years
$24.50/ mo. ($588 total)
$11.58/ mo. ($278 total)
$16.75/ mo. ($402 total)
One year
$27.25/ mo. ($327 total)
$12.92/ mo. ($155 total)
$18.67/ mo. ($224 total)
Three months
$27.33 ($82 total)
$13/ mo. ($39 total)
$18.67 ($56 total)

Crazy Domains Review - Data Centers:

These centers for Crazy Domains may be found in Perth, Sydney, and the United Kingdom. There are servers in Singapore, Hong Kong, and Newark, New Jersey in the United States.


In addition, there are EPP servers in Melbourne, Australia, Delhi, India, and Newark, New Jersey.


Australia’s data centers and more EPP servers should result in lower latency and quicker load times for users surfing from all around the continent.


These data centers combine Cisco routers with Dell technologies. These are good options, however, some users complain that the websites’ performance is occasionally a little slow.


Crazy Domains’ data centers are fairly reliable since they have load balancers and N+1 redundant power. They are presumably able to fulfil their 99.9% uptime guarantee most of the time because of a redundant network.


Web traffic is divided across a number of servers that operate in the same place and share comparable tasks thanks to the load-balanced network. This load-balancing network should provide improved performance because it uses cloud technologies.

Crazy Domains Review - is it worth it?

Simply said, Crazy Domains most likely isn’t worth your money. Although their site hosting isn’t inherently bad, there are many better and more dependable alternatives.


Additionally, Crazy Domains is not a good choice if you think you’ll require technical help at any time. Even if cheap hosting is your major objective, you can go better.


The fact that Crazy Domains supports both Windows and Linux will please fans of both operating systems. Additionally, you get access to Plesk for Windows and cPanel for Linux-based platforms.


Crazy Domains provides one-click installation for almost 200 different apps and add-ons if you require them. As a result, Crazy Domains is compatible with several integrations, including those for Drupal, Joomla, WordPress, LimeSurvey, PrestaShop, Magneto, and ZenCart.


More technically inclined individuals will like Crazy Domains’ support for coding languages like Ajax, Ruby, Python, and a number of others. This is rather ambitious for a service provider with few resources.

You should consider Crazy Domains if:

  • A local server is required. You need a web host with Australian-based servers to host your website.


  • You desire unrestricted bandwidth. All of Crazy Domains’ shared plans come with unlimited bandwidth if that’s what you’re searching for.


  • You need assistance with website design. You don’t have to develop your website yourself because Crazy Domains offers a website design service as well as a website builder. Crazy Domains checks those boxes if you wish to develop and host your website under a single brand.

You shouldn’t consider Crazy Domains if:

  • SSL is what you want. The lack of a free SSL implies you will have to pay extra for one.


  • You require a lot of extra features. Crazy Domains would not be the best web host to choose from if you require more features than the essentials.


Your budget is limited. Although not the cheapest, Crazy Domains is reasonably priced.

Crazy Domains Review - Website Transferring:

Do you currently operate a website that is hosted elsewhere? It truly does seem straightforward to move an existing website to Crazy Domains’ hosting services.


The automated website transfer interface appears to be simple to use. Selecting a hosting package at Crazy Domains is the first step. After then, you get an email asking for details on the previous host. The Crazy Domains website transfer staff takes care of the rest when the new client replies to the email.


The firm usually provides incentive pricing for clients who are moving an existing website, and this procedure seems to be rather simple. Just make sure you carefully read the tiny print. Too many clients claim that hidden costs caught them off guard.

Pros and Cons:

Pros Cons
  • Excellent customer service was provided by kind and accommodating personnel
  • Low-cost programs and services
  • The features are easy to use, clear-cut, quick, and effective.
  • On-page support chat is speedy, informative, and cordial.

Most prompt and quick outcomes

  • It might be difficult to switch between the hosting manager and the account manager.

You can be charged for simple improvements.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How can I host a website at a cheap rate?

In 2023, there are a few reputable free web servers, but a cheap shared hosting package is preferable. With shared hosting, you may use pooled server resources at a reasonable cost. For newcomers, blogs, and startups, it’s a fantastic alternative.

Crazy Domains offers shared hosting. However, Hostinger’s shared hosting options provide superior value and lower pricing.


Is it important to have a server in Australia?

You should pick a host with data centers in or close to Australia if your website is geared toward the Australian market. This will improve the experience for visitors to your website by cutting down on the distance that data must travel to get to them. In addition to data centers in Perth and Sydney, Crazy Domains has servers spread across four continents.


Is there a cPanel in Crazy Domains?

The cPanel control panel includes all of Crazy Domains’ shared hosting and VPS hosting options. Along with root access, VPS hosting offers.

Discounts are available on a number of popular hosts that also provide cPanel on our coupons page.


Is there a free domain name in every plan of Crazy Domains?

Crazy Domains doesn’t include a free domain name with your hosting plan—not even on its ten-year plans, despite what you might assume from the name. Naturally, Crazy Domains offers paid domain name registration services.


Even though we were a bit disappointed in this Crazy Domains Australia review, at their page loading times. It is still a decent choice for beginners. With its website builder services, it appears to be very easy to use and handle.

It has several different plans and packages. It might appear to be expensive. Still, it contains quite a lot of features that will suit the needs of beginners. For more than ten years, Crazy Domains has been a reputable name in the sector. They are establishing their credibility and gaining greater confidence from the public as they celebrate their 15th anniversary.

You can use Crazy Domains coupon CD20NM OR you can use Crazy Domains promo code DPYEOFY23.

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