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Nexcess Coupon Code: Save on Web Hosting and More

Internet hosting has a pretty wide market to the point that there are several new hosting companies opening every year. Therefore, it gets a bit difficult to figure out which hosting company is the best and which is not. Here we have a detailed discussion about a hosting company that has made a name for itself in the market.


Nexcess, which specializes in managed WordPress, Magento, and WooCommerce hosting, is essentially Liquid Web’s younger sibling. It offers some very cool features, a respectable server architecture, and excellent support. There are many positive aspects, and it makes operating a WordPress-based internet company simple. However, it is still shared hosting. Therefore, it is quite pricey.

Nexcess Coupon Code:

You can occasionally access the Nexcess net coupon code for most of their managed hostings.

Offers Coupons
To get 55% off on their managed WordPress hosting plans
To get 60% off their managed Magento plans.
To get 55% off their WooCommerce hosting deals.
Get 74% off with their Storybuilder monthly plan
Get 40% off their selective plans
Get 30% off on a 3 monthly plan

Please take note that every Nexcess hosting coupon code may have an expiry date. You can contact their sales manager to inquire about a code. Also, liquidweb/Nexcess coupon codes will only work for fresh customers or new plans, they do not operate on previous plan upgrades.

Nexcess Basic Info:

The smaller business division of the bigger Liquid Web hosting service is basically what Nexcess is. Nexcess is the more streamlined, simple to use, and reasonably priced web host with a WordPress-specific hook as opposed to the great Liquid Web, which has an enterprise-class focus.


The managed, cloud-based web host has a lot to offer, such as great uptime, adjustable data caps, and robust Magento and WooCommerce e-commerce options. Anyone looking to create a robust website should strongly choose Nexcess due to its strength and ease.

Nexcess Coupon Code
Nexcess Coupon Code

Even though it keeps a modest profile, the service seems to have charm and lasting power. After all, it has been in business for 22 years, which is impressive in this competitive sector. Additionally, the hundreds of Nexcess customer evaluations are quite encouraging.

Nexcess Coupon Code - Ease of Use:

Nexcess is really simple to use from a usability standpoint. The host offers a native user interface that doubles as a control panel for managing websites.


The user interface is beautifully organized and extremely intuitive. The account and hosting administration are easy to navigate for new and seasoned webmasters.


You get a bunch of features on the home screen:

  • Go to “Plans” to manage your website.
  • Find the knowledge base articles that are smack dab in the middle.
  • To link domain names, use DNS.
  • Take care of your bills.
  • For help, contact the support line.


When compared to comparable contemporary interfaces, the dashboard—or Client Portal, as Nexcess refers to it—is not exactly the market’s most elegant contender. But it is simple and does not call for a lot of expertise.

Control Panel:

In essence, the Nexcess control panel is a client portal for the provider that we previously discussed. The main distinction is that you may discover more sophisticated administrative options here for your website. Select “Plans” from the left-side menu on the Home screen to open the panel.


It is incredibly user-friendly and intuitive, much like the user interface. A pre-installed content management system (CMS) of your choosing may be found here, along with all the tools required to maintain it.


Some highlights from the control panel are given below:


  • Metrics for measuring performance are under “Performance”. You can manage your CDN, delete your cache, and keep track of your storage and bandwidth use here.
  • You must go to “Email” in order to manage your email. Email aliases and email boxes may both be created and managed here.
  • You may quickly configure domain settings under “Domain Options” in the domain section. This includes actions like changing the master domain and generating pointer domains.
  • You can locate both staging and development environments under “Environment.” This is a sandbox where you can create, test, and experiment without affecting your main site with themes, plugins, layouts, and more. You can quickly push the staging site live with a single click when everything is perfect.
  • If it has to do with SSL, here is the place to go. For instance, control the domain that your SSL is deployed on and check its status.

Types of Nexcess Coupon Codes:

Nexcess offers a variety of coupon codes, including:

  1. Percentage-based discounts: These codes offer a percentage off on your total purchase or the first month of hosting.
  2. Dollar-based discounts: With these codes, you can get a specific amount of money off your total purchase.
  3. Free trial offers: Some coupon codes provide a free trial period for specific hosting plans or services.
  4. Renewal discounts: Nexcess also occasionally offers discounts on plan renewals for existing customers.

Nexcess Uptime & Speed:

Your website must function flawlessly at all times. If your website is down, customers can’t locate it or access it, which is problematic if you offer things.

To check the speed and uptime of Nexcess, we used speed tests. Pingdom test is well known in the industry for being top-class. It is essentially an internet tool that gathers enough information to check the speed and loading time of a website.

Nexcess Uptime and Speed
Nexcess Uptime and Speed

It did surprisingly well on the Pingdom test with a load time of only 497ms.


 Another test that we performed was on GTmetrix.

Gtmatrix Test Report
Gtmatrix Test Report

It did amazing on the GTmetrix test as well.

Nexcess Pricing & Plans:

Nexcess offers several different hosting plans for all of its audience. However, it tends to be a little more expensive.

Managed Word Press hosting plans:

Word Press hosting plans
Word Press hosting plans
Managed Magento Hosting Plans.
Magento Hosting Plans
Magento Hosting Plans
Managed WooCommerce Hosting Plans:
WooCommerce Hosting Plans
WooCommerce Hosting Plans

The prices for Nexcess are a bit on the expensive side. However, they do offer some incredible features that will attract most audiences.

Nexcess Store Builder:

This hosting company exclusively offers its users an incredible offer. This store-building feature has entertained its audience the most and is mainly why people choose Nexcees hosting company.

Nexcess store builder
Nexcess store builder

They offer unique features that will help you customize your store into a beautiful place. With its intuitive design, it is very easy to handle and maintain as you own the store and you will run it. By any chance, if you encounter any issue, there is a live chat feature that can help you anytime.

Nexcess Security & Privacy:

If you ever must recover priceless data, Nexcess’s managed servers provide 30 days of automated backups stored on external servers. Your website will be moved without charge by Nexcess. The management team at Nexcess handles these requests for you, making the procedure simple even though many web hosting offers free site transfer. A free secure sockets layer (SSL) certificate is also included with every Nexcess plan.


These security features are explained in detail below:


  • Every package includes daily automatic backups that are kept for up to 30 days on servers off-site. Your live or staging sites can also be manually backed up whenever you see fit.
  • A secure data transfer between your website and the user is made possible by SSL certificates, which encrypt data going to and from your server. Every Nexcess plan comes with a free SSL certificate, which you can activate in the control panel with a single click. Along with free upgrades, the host also sells EV and Wildcard SSL certificates.
  • All plans come with the iThemes Security Pro plugin, which is a security package that includes a variety of security features, including two-factor authentication, passwordless login, reCAPTCHA, and geolocation.
  • Fully-managed services also contain additional security features, including fundamental safeguards like automatic upgrades for the WordPress core and plugins.
  • Malware Monitoring – According to Nexcess, conducting malware scans and continuously checking on the health of your site is a routine procedure. Unfortunately, that internal gauge isn’t something you can influence or see in action. You will thus have to believe what the provider says.

Nexcess Customer Support:

Live chat is always open with Nexcess customer support specialists. The Nexcess support staff is also always accessible via phone whether you’re in the UK, Australia, or the Americas. The supplier also includes a sizable knowledge resource that covers a wide range of hosting-related issues.


The primary method of contact with Nexcess is live chat, which you can use several times for any query. Generally speaking, the agents are quite courteous and fast to join the discussions and provide support.


Better still, it will seem like the agents had a solid background in hosting and WordPress.


But if you like to do things yourself, you should start with its extensive knowledge base. You may discover hundreds of articles here that cover every aspect of hosting. There is an article there for you, regardless of whether you need assistance getting started, are having login issues with Nexcess, or are even considering posting a Nexcess SSL review.


The essays are also quite thorough, expertly written, and thoughtfully organized. Since there are no jargons or difficult terminology to confuse matters, they provide an excellent place for novices to start as well.


Overall, due to its quick and approachable service, effective staff, and useful information base, Nexcess support is incredible.

Nexcess Hosting Pros & Cons:


  1. Delivers outstanding performance
  2. Has a decently priced starting plan (Spark plan)
  3. You get access to all the benefits associated with managed WordPress hosting, including daily backups and staging areas.
  4. If you have an online store, there are dedicated managed WooCommerce hosting solutions available.


  • When compared to other hosts like WP Engine, Kinsta, or Flywheel, the assistance is less responsive. You may wish to spend a bit extra on such hosts if you value premium assistance.
  • Some helpful utilities, such as an in-browser file manager, are absent from the dashboard.
  • If you move above the Spark plan, you must find separate email hosting, which is a little strange as Nexcess only offers email hosting on their most affordable tier.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Nexcess?

The Liquid Web subsidiary Nexcess provides managed hosting services for platforms like Magento, WordPress, as well as WooCommerce.


Should I join Nexcess?

The most crucial aspect of web hosting is performance, and Nexcess provides exceptional performance for the money. The customer service, meanwhile, isn’t quite on par with that of other managed WordPress providers. So, it depends on you if you prefer quality features, then yes, you should join Nexcess.


Where is the Nexcess headquarters?

It is located in Southfield, Michigan.


For website owners seeking a high-end managed hosting environment for WordPress, WooCommerce, or Magento, Nexcess truly shines. The Liquid Web subsidiary more than lives up to the high reputation for customer service and cutting-edge technology of the parent firm. We particularly like Nexcess’ focus on performance and stability, which includes readily integrating CDNs, NGINX/Redis caching, and New Relic monitoring.


It is always wonderful to have regular backups and automated upgrades, but Nexcess goes above and beyond with visual regression testing, one-click staging zones, and plugin performance monitoring. To expand their web presence, business owners and sophisticated WordPress users don’t need to shell out a fortune on developers. Just register with the Nexcess team of professionals.

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