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OfficeSuite Review: A Comprehensive Look at Pros and Cons

Mobisystem’s Officesuite review
Mobisystem’s Officesuite review

MobiSystems created the cross-platform office suite program called Officesuite. The program is one of the most popular Android business applications, with over 220 million downloads on Google Play. In this Mobisystem’s Officesuite review, we will explain this company’s different features.


Officesuite is installed on devices made by Sony, Amazon, Alcatel, Sharp, Toshiba, ZTE, Huawei, Kyocera, and other manufacturers.

Officesuite Review: Basic Info

This document editing program called Officesuite can handle a variety of document formats, including common and well-liked ones. This multi-platform solution may be used with Windows, Android, iPad, and iPhone gadgets. To ensure that users are constantly working with the most recent version of data, documents are synchronized between various platforms.


Officesuite may scan physical documents using the device’s camera and create and modify documents electronically. It can also be integrated with e-signature software, which enables users to e-sign papers to make them official. Administrators can set aside rights and assign licenses for their employees through the system’s integrated License Manager. Users who use the Business Plan can access this functionality.


Officesuite Review: Prices and Plans

Although Officesuite is free software, it has very few features. Without watermarks, documents cannot be printed, and simple functionality like spellcheck and columns are not supported. Pivot tables and data validation are absent from Sheets, while Slides are completely absent. This might be too restrictive for you if you seek a free word processor or office suite. You will need an Officesuite personal subscription to access all the features without limitations.

Officesuite prices and plans
Officesuite prices and plans
Features Free Premium
Absolutely free
Starting from $29.99/year
Mail: Management of multiple accounts, customization of mail signature
Sheets: filter, subtotal, format setting by criteria, row grouping, others
PDF Editing: Page management, text, and image changes
Exporting Word Excel and PowerPoint files to PDF
Conversion of PDF files to Word, Excel and ePub format
Essential functions for creating/editing documents
Slides: Insertion of video and audio files, slide switching, animation, presentation view
Document: Change history, format painter, others

Among all three plans, we recommend their most famous Officesuite personal plan, you will get all these incredible features of Officesuite personal – 1-year service in just 39.99$ per year.

Officesuite Review: Mobile and Web

Officesuite is accessible on Apple and Android mobile devices, as previously stated. Interestingly, it also works with the Apple Watch, which you can use to operate slide displays. Officesuite is responsive, easy to use, and packed with features when we tried it on the iPadOS platform.


A fantastic feature was the ability to start a straightforward WiFi file transfer with any computer on your network by directing it to an IP address and supporting multiple cloud drives. 50GB of cloud storage is also included with subscriptions.

Officesuite android review
Officesuite android review

In this Officesuite android review, we found that, unfortunately, there are no live collaboration tools. However, there is no way for more than one person to work on a given Tle at a time. Tracking changes is supported, as is adding comments, and you can share documents with users through regular iOS, Android, and Windows channels (email, messaging, the cloud, etc.).

Officesuite Review: Interface

Your recent files will be displayed in the home view of the app when you first launch it. You may search for files, manage your account, access files on your device, or any of seven cloud services (including Dropbox and Google Drive) from here. Of course, you can also select to create new documents.

Also, editing is easy in any setting thanks to a light and dark mode.

Officesuite Interface
Officesuite Interface

Officesuite Review: Features

There are some incredible features in Officesuite that we would like to mention here.


In Officesuite, you can quickly change the foreground and background colors, the indentation, the alignment, and the justification, as well as the vertical and horizontal space of your text. A list of styles makes the ability to switch between headers and paragraph text possible quickly; however, styles cannot be updated or created. However, a handy tool called Format Painter makes replicating formatting from one text to another feasible.

You can easily make your documents with multiple available fonts and features.

Officesuite Documents
Officesuite Documents

List building:

List creation is supported, including lists with several levels (like 1.2.1, 1.2.2, etc.), but it could have been done better. You are limited to using the standard three list styles (○●■) because using an asterisk or hyphen to begin a sentence won’t immediately turn it into a list, and there is no method to create new list styles. However, it is a nice thing that indents cycle through list styles.


We were pleased to discover a reliable spreadsheet program. With a sizable library of functions in simple-to-navigate menus, adding formulas is straightforward. It was simple to type in functions, and we noted that error interpretation points you to the appropriate area of the equation. Even a missing terminating parenthesis was auto-filled.


With the help of sophisticated filtering, you can easily group and validate data as well as sort rows and columns. Data consolidation and What-If analysis, both of which are available in MS Office, were the only notable omissions. It was simple to customize and insert graphs and charts from the data.

Officesuite Spreadsheets
Officesuite Spreadsheets


We had no issue making a quick and effective slideshow because adding and altering page elements, creating, and rearranging slides, and establishing transitions were all simple. In contrast to the Documents component, the stylus integration here is genuinely excellent: rapid, understandable, and delightful to use. The presenter mode was useful and even allowed for stylus-based remarks, which was fantastic.

Officesuite Slides
PDF editor:

A PDF editor is also included in Officesuite, a significant benefit. You may add sophisticated annotations, sign papers, and convert PDFs to Word, Excel, or ePub. A stylus, two different types of pens, or a highlighter can also be used to annotate. Written highlights appear in front of the text as practically all PDF annotators do, but transparency can be changed, improving readability.

Officesuite PDF editor
Officesuite PDF editor
Missing elements:

A few crucial components are also missing. Unfortunately for academics, there is no citation manager. For an otherwise capable word processor, the Find & Replace tool is limited and does not handle searching styles or Replace All. It’s disappointing that there isn’t pen support, especially when you consider that Slides has it. Finally, dynamic graphs or charts cannot be embedded.

Officesuite Review: Compared to MS office.

In 2023, users and businesspeople should be aware that Office 365 is a subscription-based model, and that the standard Office 2016 suite is a one-time purchase. However, the two also differ in a few other important ways. Here are some advantages of selecting Office 365 over the more established Office suite.

Office 365 is cost effective:

Budgets can be more easily accommodated by small monthly payments than by large upfront charges. This is an essential principle of software as a service, and it holds true for Office 365. Office 365 can provide users a discount when paying for 12 months in advance when purchased through Microsoft, providing even greater cost savings.

Office 365 is More Flexible:

Unlike its subscription-based rival, Office 2016 is a one-time download. Office 365 enables businesses to achieve various service levels in accordance with user requirements or device thresholds. This makes it easier for your company to receive exactly the functionality it needs from Office 365 and makes it easier to handle expansion.

Officesuite Review: Pros And Cons

The most crucial elements for text documents, spreadsheets, and slide shows are all checked by Officesuite. This may be the ideal office software for you if you don’t want citation management or live collaboration tools.


  • Cross-platform compatibility (available on various devices and operating systems).
  • Comprehensive features for document editing, including word processing, spreadsheets, and presentations.
  • Cloud storage integration for easy access to files from anywhere.
  • Support for PDF editing and creation.
  • Intuitive user interface and ease of use.


  1. Some advanced features may not be as robust as those in dedicated software (e.g., Microsoft Office).
  2. Compatibility issues may arise when transferring files to other office suite software.
  3. Limited collaboration features compared to some other office suite options.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do Officesuite Free and Officesuite Premium compare?

Very limited features are available in the free version, e.g., Create, edit & save documents only. However, when you choose a premium option, access to all the features gets infinite.

What's new in Officesuite?

Currently, in its 7.2 version, Officesuite has made some changes in its documents and sheets apps.

Do I need to be connected to the internet to use Officesuite?

Once installed and authorized on your devices, Officesuite apps can be used without an internet connection. You will initially need an internet connection to install Officesuite, activate it, apply updates, and handle your billing. If you install the MobiDrive desktop program, accessing documents stored on MobiDrive also requires an internet connection.


In this Officesuite pro review, we conclude that, although there are better free solutions available, if you’re ready to pay for the full edition, which is reasonably priced, you’ll be able to make attractive text documents and interesting slideshows as well as carry out quite sophisticated data analytics.


This is a strong Office suite that is also compatible with MS Office if you can live without live collaboration capabilities and complex word processing features including citation management, handwritten notes, and embedded charts.

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