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Microsoft Editor vs. Grammarly: A Comprehensive Comparison for Your Writing Needs

Microsoft Editor vs. Grammarly
Microsoft Editor vs. Grammarly

Owing to the fact that the world has now adapted to internet life, most people have to type their work-related material. Be it a student who has to write lengthy essays for school, an office worker who has to write emails every day, or even a freelancer who has to write blogs or articles, they can easily mess up their grammar. So, no matter how skilled you are at editing your work, you might still make the odd grammatical mistake. Also, utilizing a basic spell checker is OK. However, these tools frequently ignore little grammatical errors.


Now, people are using such grammar-checking tools much more frequently than they used to. However, not every device out there is reliable. Most of these are just straight away fake.


But two online tools have stood out the most, and we have compared them to see which is better. So, in this Microsoft editor vs. Grammarly comparison, you will see the various ways these two tools are different from each other.

Microsoft Editor vs. Grammarly: Basic Info

Two tools immediately come to mind when considering trustworthy online proof-readers: Grammarly and Microsoft Editor. Even though these tools aid in writing quality improvement, you should know their essential distinctions.


An effective grammar checker called Grammarly was introduced in 2009. Unlike anything else on the market, it has developed from a simple grammar checker into a plagiarism checker and sophisticated writing aid driven by AI over time.

Additionally, it allows authors to click a button to rework phrases and make their writing easier to read. The Grammarly product is accessible through a collection of desktops, online, and plugin-based software applications.


Ukrainian businessmen Max Lytvyn, Alex Shevchenko, and Dmytro Lider are the company’s co-founders. Also, the headquarters of Grammarly is now located in San Francisco.

Users of Grammarly may select editing suggestions based on six distinct writing styles: business, technical, creative, academic, casual, and general.

Moreover, it improves vocabulary and checks for spelling, grammatical, and punctuation issues.


Microsoft Editor:

A sophisticated writing aid driven by AI, Microsoft Editor, is accessible through Word, Outlook, and a browser plugin. Microsoft Editor, offered in over 20 languages, strives to improve your writing. So, here is a quick explanation of how to utilize it.

If you have a Microsoft account, Microsoft offers a free basic version of Editor. The standard features of a writing helper, such as grammar and spellchecking, are present in this edition. Microsoft 365 subscribers are the only ones who can access the Editor’s premium features.

Microsoft Edge comes with an editor that offers sophisticated writing aid in several languages. So, to help you write comfortably throughout the web, Microsoft Edge’s Editor features improved spellchecking, grammar checking, and text predictions.

Microsoft Edge’s Editor runs in textboxes where websites don’t support spellcheck.

Microsoft Editor
Microsoft Editor

Microsoft Editor vs. Grammarly: Quick comparison

Microsoft Editor Grammarly
MS Outlook (Win/Mac)
Not Available
Google Docs
MS Word (Win/Mac)
Snippets / Macros
Not available
Tone Prediction
Does not predict tone
Does predict tone
Style Guide
Not available
Multiple Languages
Not available
SOC 2 (Type II)
Starting price
$9.99 per month
$29.95 per month
Annual Subscription
USD 140 per year
USD 99.99 per year
Writing Goals
You can’t set writing goals
You can set writing goals based on preferences
Plagiarism checker
Only available through extension
Much more reliable and available in the default version.
Free trial
YES! For one month
Occasionally available for 7 days
Free version Microsoft 365 Personal Microsoft 365 Family
Individual subscriptions Grammarly Business Grammarly for Education
Spell check
Makes text coherent

Microsoft Editor vs. Grammarly: Plans and Pricing

Here, we will compare the different plans and their pricings from both companies.

Microsoft Editor:

Because of all these benefits, fair pricing is imperative. Also, Microsoft Notepad is an excellent alternative if you want something affordable. However, both provide a free version with access to the most fundamental functionality.


There is a free version of Microsoft Editor. Accessing capabilities like language and sentence enhancements requires purchasing a Microsoft 365 subscription.


Microsoft Editor and access to the whole Office Suite are both included in the Microsoft 365 subscription. Additionally, it offers 1TB of OneDrive storage. So, you can sign up for a yearly membership for a one-time purchase of $69.99 or pay a flat monthly rate of $6.99.


Microsoft Editor is significantly less costly than Grammarly Premium. Therefore, if you’re willing to sign up for a longer membership, you could qualify for a monthly discount.


The commercial version adds the following features, whereas the free version simply checks for the most primary grammatical and spelling errors:


  • Clarity
  • A more advanced grammatical check.
  • Coherency
  • Vocabulary
  • Grammar and punctuation
Plan Price
Microsoft Editor
Microsoft 365 Personal
$6.99 /month
Microsoft 365 Family
$9.99 /month


Microsoft Editor is much less expensive over time compared to Grammarly Premium. Grammarly’s free edition only checks for spelling and grammatical mistakes if you’re willing to commit to a longer subscription time. The paid edition, however, also offers suggestions for vocabulary, writing style, and plagiarism detection comparable to Copyscape. You may use this tool to write better. So, it will identify and correct awkward phrases and overused words.


If you upgrade to the tool’s premium edition, you may have someone proofread your writing. For this feature, there is an extra charge. So, you may access it if you have a premium version membership.


If you wish to utilize the premium version of Grammarly, you may pick among three different membership plans:


  • Grammarly Premium: You get full access to Grammarly’s features with this Premium. Also, a plagiarism checker and professional writing assistance are only available to one user.


  • Grammarly Business:  Up to 100 team members can access all Grammarly Premium features, including personal profiles, group user activity, and priority email support.


  • Grammarly for Education: Grammarly for Education is designed especially for colleges and universities.


Both Grammarly Business and Grammarly Premium provide the same features. Grammarly Business is only necessary to make it accessible to a group.



Grammarly Premium


$12.00 per month


$20.00 per month


$30.00 per month

Grammarly Business (you can select the random number of members you want and Grammarly will customize the price for you)




3 persons

$540.00 /year

$75.00 /month

10 persons

$1,740.00 /year

$250.00 /month

50 persons

 $7,500.00 /year


100 persons



Grammarly for Education

This plan is accessible through educational institutions only

Free trials:

Overall, Grammarly and Microsoft Editor are great tools for improving your writing. Grammarly’s free version can correct elementary spelling and grammatical errors. Still, the premium version also offers assistance with more challenging writing issues.


Microsoft Editor also has premium features that may be added to your advanced grammar check. Grammarly Premium has more features than Microsoft Editor but is still a fair price. You may test the free version in both situations before paying for the full version.


Winner: Microsoft Editor wins this round for being affordable.

Microsoft Editor vs. Grammarly: how do they work?

For beginners, it will be beneficial to learn how both companies operate.

Microsoft Editor:

Microsoft Editor offers different forms of corrections. These consist of improvements in grammar and spelling. Also, it discusses how those categories differ from one another. The spell check is visible in the text that has red dots underlined. The blue-dot underlined text, in contrast, highlights grammatical corrections and word alterations.

Microsoft Editor
Microsoft Editor1
Microsoft Editor 2

Grammarly makes more corrections than Microsoft Editor does.

Additionally, it falls far short. It offers general instructions for eradicating grammatical problems. So, it will clear any misunderstandings and give words and sentences a more certain tone.


It is important to remember that Microsoft Editor is available in more than 20 different languages. The updated version has a function known as a “Plagiarism checker.” It enables you to compare your work’s originality to other sources. It is unavailable in the Microsoft Word program. Therefore, you can only access it through an extension.

Microsoft Editor 3

It also helps you to gauge your document.


Grammarly is the most effective tool for the task if you want your writing to be crystal clear, engaging, and simple to read. You may identify and eliminate pointless terms in your writing by using Grammarly.

Additionally, it improves and revitalizes your writing, enabling you to express yourself more clearly and succinctly.

Grammarly 1

Grammarly’s algorithms highlight possible text errors and recommend grammar, spelling, style, punctuation, and tone based on context. Also, it explains each suggestion it makes so you may determine whether or not to improve a particular area of your writing.

Grammarly 2
Grammarly 3

Another great feature of Grammarly is its “set goals” feature, where you can easily choose how your text sounds and looks. Then Grammarly would do its job to ensure all your goals are achieved.

Grammarly 4

You can gauge your document with Grammarly, download your performance report, and receive a score out of 100 based on your writing skills.

Grammarly 5

Winner: Grammarly wins for being easy to use.

Microsoft Editor vs. Grammarly: Plagiarism checker

The enhanced edition of Microsoft Editor now includes a “Plagiarism checker” feature that allows you to compare your work to other sources to determine whether it is original. However, this function is unavailable in the standard Microsoft Word installation because it requires an extension.


Comparatively, Grammarly leverages academic databases like ProQuest and 16 billion web pages to check for plagiarism. The Plagiarism Checker will show any duplicate content and the source that matches. Also, the references you need to correctly cite your sources, whether Grammarly Premium provides novels or academic papers. So, any deliberate or unintentional plagiarism may be found with this application. Because not all instances of plagiarism are intentional, using Grammarly to check for it before publishing anything online is undoubtedly advantageous.

Plagiarism test:

So, to analyse if Grammarly is better than MS Editor, we decided to check the exact  text’s plagiarism on both tools.

Plagiarism Test Of MS Editor
Plagiarism Test Of MS Editor

While MS editor showed 0% plagiarism.

Plagiarism Test Of Grammarly
Plagiarism Test Of Grammarly

On the other hand, Grammarly did a decent job of pointing out the similarity index and sources in no time.

Winner: Grammarly wins this round because of how vast its database is.

Microsoft Editor vs. Grammarly: Key Features

Grammarly offers more comprehensive features than Microsoft Editor. However, MS Editor does offer its services in 20 different languages.


So, we will discuss all the features that Grammarly offers. Starting with its spell checker.

Grammarly: Spell-Check

Before sending your finished work, using a spelling checker is a good idea. To guarantee no spelling errors, it is essential to proofread every word in your career.

Moreover, the spelling checker on Grammarly is more thorough and reliable than the one with Microsoft Word. It provides outstanding accuracy and establishes itself as the finest in the industry.

Spell-Checker Of Grammarly
Spell-Checker Of Grammarly
Grammarly: Tone-Checker

It is impossible to achieve success when communication is disappointing. Also, grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors could be seen by your readers. They might have to read a paragraph to understand information expressed in a couple of phrases. However, one of the fundamental components of communication is tone.  Communication requires both good content and effective delivery.


You can benefit from Grammarly’s Tone Detector function in several ways. Grammarly revises your message or content when it does not come across as you meant to increase its effectiveness. So, it guarantees that your audience will understand the intended tone.

Grammarly: Advanced writing style

You can improve your writing style using this tool, among other things, by using the advice, suggestions, and guidance it offers. Probably Grammarly’s spell checker is one of its most underrated features.

You can use this tool to help you with various writing-related tasks. It takes a variety of things into account, such as sentence length, readability, and coherence. So, this software would be beneficial if you want to improve your writing skills.

Grammarly: Punctuation

Grammarly is pretty good at pointing out all the punctuation mistakes that your text contains. Also, it automatically changes the sentence where there are punctuation mistakes.

Grammarly: Weekly Statistics

Because it provides feedback on your entire writing, Grammarly is, in my opinion, one of the most significant and influential grammar checkers. Your vocabulary score, productivity, and mastery are all included in the weekly statistics you receive.

Additionally, emails are sent to you concerning your common writing errors.

Grammarly: Personal Dictionary

The personal dictionary is helpful for writers to add terms in languages other than English. Proper nouns and other made-up terms are also acceptable uses for it.

Microsoft Editor:

Although Microsoft Editor offers fewer features than Grammarly, they are still remarkable.

MS Editor: Grammar check

Compared to Grammarly, it produces more false alarms. It implies that your clients ought to be allowed to decide whatever suggestions they desire to take into account. However, the editor’s recommendations are more straightforward and concentrate on simpler components.


In contrast, it typically finds the correct information. It proceeds more quickly since there is less information to sift through. If you’re seeking grammar and syntax mistakes with a medium-to-large scope, it’s an excellent alternative.

Grammarly Check Of MS Editor

Moreover, incorrect capitalisation, hyphenation, subject-verb agreement, indirect questions, and frequently misunderstood phrases are examples of common grammatical errors.

Ms Editor: Coherency

The Microsoft editor, among other things, may help you spot flaws in your text, including wordiness and conjunction abuse. The premium service lets you review your work’s readability, coherence, and formality.

Moreover, through in-app learning recommendations, users can get assistance with vocabulary and punctuation.

MS Editor: Clarity

It aids in preventing inappropriate language, passive voice, double negatives, and other communication errors. Also, you may examine and enhance the quality of your writing across various platforms (including social media, email, and documents) by using Microsoft Editor.


Winner: Grammarly again wins this round because of its different incredible features

Microsoft Editor vs. Grammarly: Passive Voice Test

Another important feature is ensuring that your text is written in active voice. For this, we performed a test on passive voice detection on both tools.

Passive Voice Test

Grammarly immediately checked and showed the passive voice in the text. However, Microsoft Editor did not detect passive voice, but it did show a conciseness issue that Grammarly failed to detect.

Passive Voice Test 1

But this suggestion can easily be ignored as the text does not sound too wordy.

Winner: Grammarly wins this test for easily detecting passive voice.

Microsoft Editor vs. Grammarly: pros and cons


Grammarly Microsoft Editor
  • The most popular and commonly utilised grammar tool
  • Website editor with a simple and intuitive integration interface and additional checking capabilities
  • includes a plagiarism detector that compares written assignments to 16 billion websites.
  • The sophisticated grammar check in the premium version includes checks for formality, conciseness, and clarity.
  • 20 distinct languages are supported.

        Most of the Microsoft Office Suite has                    integrations


Grammarly Microsoft Editor
  • Currently only supports English.
  • Does not provide direct API access.
  • Frequently suggests rule-based recommendations.
  • Does not offer to autocomplete or snippets/macros.
  • Intended more for personal use; not built for teams.
  • The free version has limited features and its grammar checker is not thorough.

         Doesn't offer API access or self-hosting

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is Grammarly reliable?

Yes, Grammarly is a trustworthy source of data. Many authors, companies, and students use it. The company would have failed horribly if it had intended to swindle authors.

How to get access to Grammarly’s Plagiarism checker?

Subscribe to Grammarly’s premium or business edition to utilize the plagiarism checker.

Is Microsoft Editor reliable?

Yes! It is reliable as the Microsoft company has ensured that it provides its customers with the best features and services.

Microsoft Editor vs. Grammarly: Conclusion

Regarding precise spelling and grammatical corrections, Grammarly leads the pack. Dedicated writers can use the browser extension, Word plug-in, Word app, and web editor to get ideas as they type. Although Grammarly is a bit expensive, its services still make up for the price. Moreover, Grammarly education is a perfect fit for students.


However, Microsoft Editor is sufficient for basic proofreading tasks for the ordinary user.


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