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ProWritingAid vs. Grammarly vs. Autocrit – The Best One Is?

ProWritingAid vs. Grammarly vs. Autocrit
ProWritingAid vs. Grammarly vs. Autocrit

It would be best to have an editing tool to fix spelling and punctuation errors, whether you’re a blogger or an author. Even the most talented authors require editing. But when you’re editing, it cannot be easy to decide what needs improvement.


Grammar checkers can help with that. They can act as a second set of eyes to help you spot errors, enhance the flow of your sentences, and polish your writing. So, ProWritingAid, Autocrit, and Grammarly are the three most popular grammar checkers on the market. Which one is best for you, then?


You must only purchase some subscriptions while emptying your pockets. For you to choose the tool that best suits your needs, we have included a thorough evaluation and comparison of the three tools.

ProWritingAid vs. Grammarly vs. Autocrit: Basic Info

Here, we have summarised information regarding all three tools before we dive into much deeper details.


Online word processor ProWritingAid is renowned for its superior proofreading and writing style reports. You can assess your articles’ readability and use the information to enhance it greatly.

Suppose you subscribe to one of the platform’s premium plans. In that case, it will also evaluate your sentences for repetition, overuse of cliches, sticky sentences, and correcting your grammatical and spelling errors.


You can download ProWritingAid as a desktop program or a plugin. Link it to Google Docs, Microsoft Word, email, and other browsers for easier use. ProWritingAid’s lifetime package is also available for an upfront payment for unlimited usage.



The best spelling and grammar checker, Grammarly, was established in 2009 by Max Lytvyn and Alex Shevchenko. It offers advice and fixes for your writing’s grammatical, punctuation, and spelling mistakes.


The editing tool is provided as desktop, mobile, and browser extensions. You may also access Grammarly through its website to acquire comprehensive reports about your writing. Thanks to these platforms, you may improve your writing talents wherever you are.


You may examine writing for various genres with the help of the online grammar checker. You can also select the English dialect you prefer or add new words to your dictionary.

There are various plans, including a free version of Grammarly available. Get Grammarly Premium to have access to more sophisticated writing tools like sentence rewriting that focuses on clarity and tone modification.



For fiction authors who wish to transform their manuscripts into inspirational tales, AutoCrit is a fantastic tool. 59,000 people use this online editor to edit and update their works utilizing 25 tools.

There are numerous features for fictional texts in only AutoCrit. If you write romance, you can select “Romance” from the drop-down menu to get suggestions more suited to your writing. Even famous authors like Stephen King, J.K. Rowling, and others can be used to compare your writing.

An author who desired objective criticism of her works came up with this writing and editing tool. She recognizes the value of beta readers, writing clubs, and critique partners. She also seeks suggestions for her work that are absolutely objective.

The industry’s top platform is made for both pros and beginners.

Additionally, it promises that if you take its recommendations, you won’t lose your voice, unlike other AI editors.

For members who want to meet and cooperate regularly, AutoCrit also offers an exclusive AutoCrit Members Community. Authors, publishers, editors, and others are welcome to its live events. 


ProWritingAid vs. Grammarly vs. Autocrit: Quick Comparison

ProWritingAid Grammarly Autocrit
Free version
Tone Prediction
Does not predict the tone
Available through Grammarly
Style Guide
Available through Grammarly
Multiple Languages
Only supports English
Only supports English
English only
Starting price
30 USD per month
$30.00 per month
$30 per month
Annual Subscription
120 USD per year
USD 99.99 per year
$12 per month, billed annually
Writing Goals
You can set goals but not in-depth
Yes! You can set goals
Available through the Grammarly
Plagiarism checker
Limited attempts per year
Unlimited attempts

ProWritingAid vs. Grammarly vs. Autocrit: Ease of Use

Every online tool’s user interface is a crucial component. No matter how great the features are, if something is difficult to use, people won’t be happy with it. Furthermore, not everyone can use every tool. Some tools are more complex than others, depending on their purpose. Let’s now examine how simple it is to use these grammar checkers.


Navigating ProWritingAid’s user interface is simple. But since we’re comparing, it’s important to mention that the tool could be more polished than Grammarly. It is annoying because the faults on ProWritingAid are displayed on the left side of the screen.

Additionally, you must hover over the text to see the errors or suggestions and click on a tiny arrow.


ProWritingAid’s user interface may take some getting accustomed to. The recommendations need to be shown somewhere. The process is more complicated than it should be because the improvements are concealed behind a tab called “Improvements.” If you can disregard these elements, it is still a fantastic tool.


Similar to ProWritingAid, Grammarly proofreads your writing as you type it in real-time.


Grammarly identifies problems, including typos, grammatical missteps, and improper punctuation.


Grammarly flags common errors and offers style recommendations, albeit its style reports aren’t as detailed as ProWritingAid’s. It provides solutions for wordy sentences, repeated words, improper comma usage, and other issues of a similar nature.


Many popular programs, including Chrome, Firefox, Google Docs, and Microsoft Word, are compatible with Grammarly. Grammarly, however, does not support interaction with Scrivener or Final Draft, in contrast to ProWritingAid.


It pays less attention to your mechanical mistakes. Since AutoCrit’s advice is based on the components of fiction, it won’t greatly assist you with your spelling, punctuation, or readability.


Upload your manuscript to the program, then select one of the 20 reports to employ AutoCrit’s functions. The software will automatically suggest changes to your article.


While you are editing, the tool will monitor your complete progress. Even the fast-paced sections of your work are checked, and you will be asked to break up long sentences.


You won’t find this feature on other platforms, but AutoCrit compares your writing to other fictional works. Go to the summary report in AutoCrit after pasting your text there.

ProWritingAid vs. Grammarly vs. Autocrit: Plans and Pricing

Now, every tool has a different subscription method and a different set of features. But a higher price does not mean that a tool will provide better features; however, in exceptional cases, their high prices are justified by their incredible features.


You won’t receive the 25 renowned and in-depth grammar evaluations on your work if you go with the free edition of ProWritingAid.


Most functions, including creating your style guide, are only accessible through the premium license.


The free version cannot be integrated with Google Docs or other external servers. You must open their web editor and paste your content there instead. ProWritingAid Free is not recommended for long-form authors because it only accepts submissions of up to 500 characters. Without the premium plans, there is no way to check your work for plagiarism.

Free version Premium version
  • Free of cost
  • 10 rephrases per day
  • 500-word count limit
  • Grammar, Spelling, Punctuation
  • Document typesetting
  • Word Explorer & Thesaurus
  • 100% Data security and privacy
  • 30 USD per month
  • 120 USD per year
  • 399 USD lifetime payment
  • Unlimited word count
  • Everything in Free
  • Unlimited rephrases
  • Custom style guide
  • Advanced style improvements  Snippets
  • Customizable writing suggestions
  • 24+ Writing analysis reports
  • Terminology management Citations
  • Author comparison
  • Unlimited document storage Collaboration


If you’re ready to sign up for a longer membership period, Grammarly’s free edition solely checks for spelling and grammar errors. However, similar to Copyscape, the commercial version provides vocabulary, writing style, and plagiarism detection recommendations. This tool can help you write more effectively. It will therefore recognize and change clumsy phrasing and overused terms.


You can hire someone to edit your writing if you upgrade to the tool’s premium edition. There is a separate fee for this feature. So long as you have a membership for the premium version, you can access it.


You can choose three membership tiers if you want to use Grammarly’s premium features:


  • Grammarly Premium: You get full access to Grammarly’s features with this Premium. Also, a plagiarism checker and professional writing assistance are only available to one user.


  • Grammarly Business:  Up to 100 team members can access all Grammarly Premium features, including personal profiles, group user activity, and priority email support.


  • Grammarly for Education: Grammarly for Education is designed especially for colleges and universities.



Grammarly Premium


$12.00 per month


$20.00 per month


$30.00 per month

Grammarly Business (you can select the random number of members you want and Grammarly will customize the price for you)




3 persons

$540.00 /year

$75.00 /month

10 persons

$1,740.00 /year

$250.00 /month

50 persons

 $7,500.00 /year


100 persons



Grammarly for Education

This plan is accessible through educational institutions only


AutoCrit offers a limitless word count for its free customers, but there is a catch. Almost all editing and analysis tools are only available to Premium users. You can only access seven of the several reports they have for free. You don’t even receive a summary of your writing on the free account.


The author comparisons and genre analyses are not available with a free membership, but you will have access to the planning tools. Community services like discussion forums and guest Q&As are unavailable to free users. Additionally, voice reporting is costly.

Free Forever AutoCrit Pro Annual Professional
$0 per month
$30 per month
$12 per month, billed annually

Digital note boards and cards displayed alongside your writing for planning and research

Fully-featured writing platform with no word limits – write and edit as much as you like

Select interactive editing tools including Adverbs, Word Choice, and Readability

Advanced spelling and grammar check

Proven editing guidance based on extensive research into real-world publishing standards

Everything in Free

Direct Comparison Scores with over 100+ Selected Authors / Genres (New!)

Summary Report with AutoCrit Score and Editing Recommendations (Enhanced!)

30+ interactive editing tools plus advanced reports including Pacing, Dialogue, and Strong Writing (Enhanced!)

The private member community includes exclusive online workshops, events, and Q&As with award-winning authors (Enhanced!)

Advanced voice reader (Enhanced!)

Member discount on courses, author services, and premium events (New!)

Get 7 Months Free Every Year!

Everything in Professional

ProWritingAid vs. Grammarly vs. Autocrit: Plagiarism Checker

Regardless of what you are writing about, your text has to be original. The credibility of any website’s content depends upon the originality of its texts. So, the role of a plagiarism checker I very important.


We give ProWritingAid points for reminding us to check for plagiarism. You can perform up to 60 plagiarism checks annually with the premium plus subscription. This appears to be a waste of money since if you pay a little more for other tools like Grammarly, you get infinite attempts to check for plagiarism.


Nevertheless, the tool correctly detects instances of plagiarism in your content piece and provides references to the sources. Use this function to prevent possible expulsion or legal action for stealing intellectual property.

Plagiarism Report
Plagiarism Report

The plagiarism checker built into Grammarly can determine whether your writing resembles material from other sources. It offers a thorough plagiarism assessment that includes the proportion of your text corresponding to a website. To find out which portions to edit, click on the website you copied content from.


Grammarly uses 16 billion web pages and academic sources like ProQuest to scan for plagiarism. Any exact text will be displayed together with its matching source by the plagiarism checker. Also, Grammarly Premium includes the references you need to properly cite your sources, whether academic papers or books. So, this tool may be used to detect any intentional or unintentional plagiarism. It is helpful to use Grammarly to check for plagiarism before publishing anything online because not all cases of plagiarism are deliberate.


Also, it provides a plagiarism checker in its free version. However, it only shows where or not there is significant plagiarism without showing the source.

Nevertheless, it s much more reliable than its competitors.

plagiarism check of grammarly
Plagiarism Check of Grammarly


Unfortunately, Autocrit does not offer any plagiarism checker in any of its premium plans.


Winner: Grammarly easily wins this round as it checks plagiarism across 16 billion webpages as compared to ProWritingAid, which only checks it across a billion.

ProWritingAid vs. Grammarly vs. Autocrit: Grammar Test

I checked the same text on all three tools to see which one is the most reliable.


There are many notable features that ProWritingAid offers, but the best one is its grammar checker.


Because ProWritingAid is well-known as an online grammar guru, many people download it. Using artificial intelligence, will repair your grammar mistakes and identify hidden verbs, fragments, and erroneous subject-verb relationships.

I deliberately added two grammar mistakes in the same text, but ProWritingAid only pointed out one of them.

Grammar Test Of ProWritingAid


There is no end to how much Grammarly gets praised for being the best at what it does. Therefore, when I checked the same text on Grammarly, it pointed out both mistakes with ease.

Grammar Test Of Grammarly

So, to say that Grammarly is the real guru when it comes to grammar checking would be an understatement.


However, when I checked the text in Autocrit, it was a complete disappointment. Autocrit, apparently, uses Grammarly for any and every sort of grammar eros which, in my opinion, is a waste of time and money. Also, it allows you to use Grammarly’s features through a premium subscription. Whereas Grammarly offers a free grammar checker.

Grammar Test Of Autocrit

It did not even underline any mistake which other tools do.

ProWritingAid vs. Grammarly vs. Autocrit: Conciseness Test

Another important feature is to make sure that your text does not sound too wordy. This is where the ‘conciseness’ feature comes in use.


There is no definite option that shows conciseness, but there are options like ‘sentence length’ or ‘readability score’ that show whether or not your sentence is wordy. However, it is still unfortunate that ProWritingAid didn’t point out which part of the sentence needs to be changed.

Conciseness test Of ProWritingAid
Conciseness test Of ProWritingAid


It offers a proper option that checkers whether or not your text is a bit too wordy.

Conciseness Test Of Grammarly

The conciseness feature immediately pointed out which part of the sentence is too wordy and also suggested a change for it.


Since Autocrit uses Grammarly for any of such features, it is useless to check a text’s conciseness on Autocrit.


Winner: again Grammarly remains the winner.

ProWritingAid vs. Grammarly vs. Autocrit: Style Guide Test

Style guide is a feature that enhances the structure of your text by suggesting a better choice of words or changing the framework of your text.


Surprisingly, ProWritingAid immediately pointed out where a change in the sentence can make it look more stylish.

Style Guide Test Of ProWritingAid


Unfortunately, Grammarly did not point out any such change.

Style Guide Test Of Grammarly


It does not offer this feature.

Winner: ProWritingAid won this round.

ProWritingAid vs. Grammarly vs. Autocrit: Features


Some incredible features provided by ProWritingAid are listed below.

1. Cliches

ProWritingAid, unlike other online editors, also looks for clichés and unnecessary words in your sentences. You’ll be inspired to stop using dated imagery and cease being a lazy writer.


When you upload a Word document that contains the term “frozen ice,” the software will immediately flag it as a possible duplicate. Additionally, it will highlight advice to “read between the lines” and “play your cards right.”

2. Sticky Sentences

The online editing tool also flags sticky sentences as a reminder to keep your message concise. Because people become stuck reading these sentences, they make your readers read more slowly.


The online editing tool also flags sticky sentences as a reminder to keep your message concise. Because people become stuck reading these sentences, they make your readers read more slowly.

Sticky Sentences
Sticky Sentences
3. Transitions

Typically, writers do not know how or when to use transition words. So, this tool makes it easy for them and helps them identify where a transition word would look great. It also shows them the transition word index.

Transitions Of ProWritingAd
Transitions Of ProWritingAd


1. Inclusive Language

The program’s capacity to encourage inclusive language is sometimes overlooked. With a premium subscription, you can enjoy writing without worry, as Grammarly will handle it.

2. Spelling Check

Grammarly is incredible at checking for spelling mistakes. All you have to do is enable its extension and write anywhere you want, and Grammarly will easily point out any spelling mistakes.

Spelling Check Of Grammarly
Spelling Check Of Grammarly
3. Clarity

Most grammar and spelling checks in Microsoft Word and other programs solely consider correctness. But Grammarly also looks for opportunities for clarity in your writing. It aids in the correction of complex phrase structures and lengthy statements.


The AI-powered writing assistant makes all of these solutions possible. But not all of these recommendations are pertinent, so proceed with caution.

Clarity Grammarly
Clarity Grammarly


1. Dialogue:

This examines your various dialogue tag types and determines whether you overuse them or could benefit from a switch. This editing tool also checks your dialogue tags for adverbs.

2. Compare to Fiction:

With the help of this tool, you may evaluate your writing against a collection of popular fiction that AutoCrit has downloaded and examined individually for each genre. Users might find this to be hit or miss, but it can help you determine whether your style fits a genre’s particular “expected” style—a contrast that publishers will also find interesting.


The editing program also offers a collapsible side menu that can highlight your text for sections that require attention and show notifications for faults detected, which can speed up the process. A summary report is additionally provided.

3. Repetition:

Repetition merely keeps an eye out for the overuse of clichés in your writing.

ProWritingAid vs. Grammarly vs. Autocrit: Pros and Cons


ProWritngAid Grammarly Autocrit
  1. Is packed with the latest English vocabulary.
  2. Detailed and comprehensive reports.
  3. Includes a plagiarism checker.
  4. A tempting lifetime license.
  5. Accessible to several platforms.
  1. The most popular and commonly utilized grammar tool.
  2. Website editor with a simple and intuitive integration interface and additional checking capabilities
  3. Includes a plagiarism detector that compares written assignments to 16 billion websites.
  1. Searches for a wide range of difficulties with writing form and style.
  2. It is able to contrast your writing with particular genres.
  3. Enable you to focus on your primary writing difficulties


ProWritngAid Grammarly Autocrit
  • No Mac integration
  • Slow loading time.
  • Readability scores are always low.
  • No offline access for the desktop version.
  • No mobile application.
  • Currently only supports English.
  • Frequently suggests rule-based recommendations.
  • Does not provide direct API access
  • The free version has limited features.
  • Experienced authors may not get much out of this tool.
  • Not very compatible with text editors or other software
  • Limited value outside of novel work

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Is Grammarly reliable?

Yes, Grammarly is a trustworthy source of data. Many authors, companies, and students use it. The company would have failed horribly if it had intended to swindle authors.

Is Grammarly Premium Worth It?

Absolutely, especially if English is your second language, Grammarly Premium is worthwhile for all authors. Compared to other proofreading apps, I advise purchasing the Premium version because it is easier to use and more precise. You can personalize your writing objectives in the paid version as well.

Is AutoCrit Only For Authors?

Any form of writing can benefit from using some of the self-editing features AutoCrit offers. The majority of its tools, however, are created primarily for fiction writing and have limited use elsewhere.

Will AutoCrit Ruin My Unique Voice?

You have the choice. Your work is not automatically corrected by AutoCrit, and many of its suggestions are vague, such as “You’re using this phrase too often, maybe you should cut it out a few times?”

Is ProWritingAid Accurate?

Yes. ProWritingAid is so precise in fact that many criticize its rigidness. It frequently applies style guide recommendations too strictly, leaving no space for originality.


It would not be a shock to say that Grammarly won this comparison by a clean slide. Even though, ProwritingAid and Autocrit both stood their ground and fought hard still Grammarly took the crown for delivering the best features with the most diverse nature. Its high price is also justified by all of its incredible services.


ProWritingAid has some surprising features as well, however, the lack of unlimited plagiarism checks leaves a bad impression. On the other hand, Autocrit is only suitable for authors and not bloggers or students, as it only uses Grammarly for any grammar errors and depends on it for accuracy in writing styles.


Consequently, if you are looking to invest in a good writing tool that gives you the best of all features then choose Grammarly.

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