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UK2 Reviews (2024) – A Decent Choice For Beginners

UK2 Reviews
UK2 Hosting Reviews

In the digital age, web hosting is a need for entrepreneurs and content providers; you must maintain it. Additionally, people use the internet to find services, goods, and content. Therefore, your company needs a reputable and simple-to-use website for customers to find. Even a simple homepage with your company’s contact information and hours of operation might give your venture the legitimacy it needs in today’s internet-connected world. So, a hosting provider must establish a website for a business, blog, or personal project.


UK2 is situated in the Canary Wharf neighbourhood of London, the total Internet capital of Europe. is committed to providing a variety of plans online that are affordable and efficient for small businesses, large corporations, and individual users—providing you with rock-solid services at obscenely low pricing while supporting your business.

UK2 - Basic Info:

As its name suggests, UK2 is a UK-based host with its corporate office in London. It has been active in the web hosting sector since 1998. Also, there is a reason they are regarded as one of the best web hosting firms in the UK, according to their claim that over more than two decades of operation, they have registered more than one million domain names of websites in more than 200 places worldwide. Moreover, they belong to the UK2 Group, which owns numerous other hosting companies, including Dotable and

UK2 Hosting
UK2 Hosting

Mostly, they have a strong reputation for hosting websites ranging from modest personal blogs to substantial corporate pages. Although some packages have unwanted restrictions, they often offer decent services.


They have one data center in the UK, and there isn’t much information about it. You can select from several international sites in Europe, the US, and Canada if you want cloud hosting.

UK2 - Pricing:

As soon as you reach the website, a hosting plan currently on sale will be presented, along with information on pricing, a discount, and extra features. You will be asked to “design your perfect hosting solution” as you scroll down by selecting the choices that best describe you as a user and your business needs.

UK2 - Pricing
UK2 - Pricing

Following that, you’ll be presented with three hosting options, which differ in hosting type, cost, and extra features and should satisfy your demands. You can access basic shared hosting, WordPress, Cloud, Managed, SSD VPS, and dedicated servers.


Additionally, a 30-day money-back guarantee is provided.

So, try out their goods and services; you can discontinue them anytime and without explanation.

Essential Hosting Plan is the best:

According to the most recent promotion, the least expensive plan, Essential Hosting, costs GBP 1.00 per month if you choose a 12-month payment period. If you choose to pay every month, it will cost you GBP 5.95. Also, the Essential Hosting plan, according to UK2, is ideal for beginners with a single website.


There is also limitless bandwidth. This is the volume of information sent from the hosting company’s servers to the client’s device.

Moreover, you can serve thousands (or millions) of daily website visitors with unlimited bandwidth. Also, for times when there is an excessive amount of site traffic, there will be no additional fees.


The Essential Hosting service includes a total number of 10GB email accounts. So, you can establish many email addresses and use them for various things. Since you can create unlimited email accounts, a 10GB limit per email inbox is generous. Lastly, you don’t have to worry about opening your heavy laptop to check your messages because emails can be utilized on iOS and Android smartphones.


If you choose this bundle and a payment option that is at least annual, you will receive a free domain name. Also, you get limitless web space.

You can, therefore, include data-intensive films and graphics on your website.

Extra Features of Essential Hosting Plan:

With this web hosting bundle, installing Drupal or WordPress is simple. So, you can quickly and easily install a variety of hundreds of applications using the Softaculous App Installer.


One MySQL database is provided as part of the Essential Hosting service. WordPress and Drupal are only two examples of platforms that use MySQL. When building your WordPress website, the unlimited size of this database can be helpful because it gives you total storage space.

Other Offers from

Email Hosting Pricing
Personal Email
GBP 0.50/month
Professional Email
GBP 1.00/month

Personal Email

0.50£ / month
  • Supports Your Own Domain
  • Storage 2GB
  • Mailbox Options 1x / 25x / 50x / 100x
  • Attachment Size 10MB
  • 24/7 support
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

Professional Email

1.00£ / month
  • Supports Your Own Domain
  • Storage 10GB
  • Mailbox Options 1x / 25x / 50x / 100x
  • Attachment Size 25MB
  • 24/7 support
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
Web Hosting Pricing
GBP 2.99/month
GBP 5.99/month
GBP 7.79/month
WordPress Hosting Pricing
GBP 4.16/month
GBP 9.16/month
GBP 12.16/month

UK2 - Ease of Use:

You’ll be given a few add-ons for a price after selecting your plan, such as Website SEO Guru (a marketing tool) or SiteLock (which should make your website more secure). The following steps include:

  • Choosing a name or using one already in use.
  • Giving your contact information.
  • Selecting a payment method.


A “Having problems?” window will display at each stage of the process, allowing you to call or start a live chat with customer support. This can be required since some actions could be more complex.

Also, seeing a tick option to store the payment method when choosing it is reassuring. Now the final step before the sign-up procedure is complete is creating an account password that is being closely monitored by a strict strength meter.

Although UK2 doesn’t offer any website builder with its standard account, the website builder feature is available through the main website. However, it includes SSL certificate support, social media integration, search engine optimization, and an editing tool for digital media, which is always nice.


If you’ve already used web hosts and are familiar with the layout, you won’t have trouble accessing UK2 because it employs an industry-standard cPanel. Even if you haven’t, using cPanel is often straightforward. Furthermore, depending on whether you choose a VPS or a dedicated server and Linux or Windows as your operating system, you can choose from several cPanels.

cPanel Of UK2 Hosting
cPanel Of UK2 Hosting

In any event, you can efficiently monitor and manage anything using CPanel. Also, it includes a wide range of tools and add-ons, domains, verifying or updating your account information, upgrading your hosting plan, and contacting your customer care. Installing software like WordPress, MediaWiki, Magento, Softaculous, and others takes a few clicks.

UK2 - Customer Support:

Currently, the UK2 Help Centre lacks a support forum.


UK2’s Services Status page displays real-time information on the status of their services, including Main Systems, Control Panels, and Hosting Servers, similar to other hosting companies. So, to keep clients updated on the company’s recent and ongoing operations, incidents are reported on their website.


The comprehensive tutorials in the self-help Knowledge Base will help you find your way around the goods and services you have used. Support is offered 24/7 via online live chat and ticket submission. For telephone support, the same holds.


Moreover, you could contact customer service, as indicated on the same page, to avoid that. Fortunately, UK2 offers 24/7 assistance through phone, live chat, or ticketing 365 days a year. This is undoubtedly one of the company’s highlights.


Both favourable and unfavourable comments have been made about UK2’s customer service. Users claim that the service is inconsistent. Some customers complained that they have not received email responses or live chat solutions that could have resolved their issues. Also, as departments not in charge of a specific product need to know where to direct their clients, telephone assistance was found inadequate.


On the other hand, favourable reviews mention how helpful their support staff was, with some claiming that they offered assistance before the customer made a purchase. Moreover, positive evaluations also say that UK2 responded promptly to their issues.

Support Options:

  1. Ticket Submission
  2. Services Status Page
  3. Self-Help Knowledge Base
  4. Telephone Support

Online Live Chat Support

UK2 - Notable Features:

When you decide to host your website with, you will quickly discover that various packages are available.  Each level offers a variety of alternatives, whether you require shared hosting, cloud-based hosting, VPS, or dedicated servers.  Overall, this is nice, but it can be a little complicated, especially for those new to website management.


All of the shared hosting packages run on a Linux platform.  It may surprise some individuals that the lowest package only allows 500 MB of disk space.  They also restrict your bandwidth to only one gigabyte.  You can upgrade to more extensive packages to get limitless disk space and bandwidth, as well as the ability to host numerous domains.


You may choose between Linux and Windows as your operating system with the VPS or dedicated hosting options, and they both offer a wide range of system configuration options so you can be sure to obtain what you need.

UK2 - Speed and Uptime:

If your reliability falls short of the 99.5% uptime promise, will reimburse your account.  This is quite noteworthy, given that practically all other hosts either don’t mention an uptime guarantee or have a 99.9% guarantee.


Despite their strange uptime claim, they offer high-quality hosting that is rarely interrupted.  Only a few current and previous customers have complained about downtime, and considering the scale of this business, those concerns would be considerably more often if it were a serious issue.

UK2 - Speed and Uptime
UK2 - Speed and Uptime

Moreover, on the Pingom Test, UK2 did OK. However, the company does claim that if a customer experiences any episode of downtime, they will give credit to their accounts in no time. Choosing UK2 for your websites is a good option.


Free domain name:

A free domain name registration is available if you choose the 12-month payment term. This is useful if you’re just starting and haven’t yet bought your domain name. Saving a few pounds is beneficial.

Guaranteed 30-Day Refund:

Their promise entitles you to a money-back guarantee. You can request a refund if you’ve used their goods and services and decide they’re not worth your time. That’s all there is to it.

Unrestricted website space:

Your ten websites will each have an unlimited amount of web space. There is no need to stress over keeping some files and deleting others. You can host large video and image files thanks to the whole amount of website space you have.


Mixed reviews of customer service:

Regarding their customer support service, UK2 has received mixed ratings. Some gave them excellent ratings, while others gave them low ratings. Also, a hosting company should be avoided if they frequently need more than the high level of assistance they guarantee. Lastly, One drawback of UK2 is its unreliable customer support service.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is UK2, and what services do they provide?

UK2 is a web hosting and domain registration company that offers various online services, including web hosting, domain registration, website building tools, and more. They cater to individuals and businesses seeking online presence solutions.

Are UK2’s hosting services reliable?

The reliability of UK2’s hosting services can vary based on factors like your specific hosting plan and needs. Reading customer reviews can provide insights into the experiences of others using their hosting services.

How can I find UK2 reviews online?

You can find UK2 reviews by conducting a simple online search using keywords like “UK2 reviews” or by visiting review websites and forums where users share their experiences with web hosting and domain registration providers.

What should I consider when reading UK2 reviews?

When reading UK2 reviews, consider factors such as customer support quality, uptime, pricing, ease of use, and the specific services they offer. Search for reviews written by individuals who share similar requirements and objectives as yours.

Are there any common issues mentioned in UK2 reviews?

Common issues mentioned in UK2 reviews may include technical difficulties, billing concerns, or customer service experiences. Make sure to peruse several reviews to obtain a comprehensive viewpoint.

Does UK2 offer a money-back guarantee?

UK2’s refund policy may vary depending on the services and hosting plans you choose. Check their official website or contact their customer support for details regarding their refund and cancellation policies.

Can I trust the reviews of UK2 found online?

While online reviews can be helpful, it’s essential to consider their source and read a variety of opinions to form an unbiased assessment. Look for reviews from reputable websites and real users.

Does UK2 have a free trial or demo for their services?

UK2 may offer free trials or demos for some of their services. Visit their website or contact their sales team to inquire about available trial options.

How can I leave my own review of UK2 services?

Many review websites and forums allow users to leave their feedback and reviews. You can also consider sharing your experiences on social media or other online platforms.

What alternatives to UK2 should I consider for web hosting and domain registration?

Depending on your specific needs and preferences, alternatives to UK2 may include hosting providers like Bluehost, SiteGround, or GoDaddy.


UK2 is a good option for hosting a website. Even though it could be better, it is still something to look into.


We appreciate that it includes a website builder (excellent for beginners). You can rapidly design your website using pre-made templates. Additionally, SEO-optimized, their website builder is simple to use and integrates with social network accounts.


We especially enjoy UK2’s most affordable plan. It’s a reasonably strong startup package, and unlike other hosting companies, UK2 permits up to 10 websites on its base plan. Additionally, it comes with limitless storage and bandwidth, allowing you to expand your ten websites without worrying about these issues for a very long period.


To receive the most discounts on their plans (free domain name, free SSL, introductory price, etc.), you must sign up for at least a year.


We strongly advise using it due to UK2’s uptime history, speed, and abundant features (especially on their most affordable package). We recommend trying one of their plans and taking advantage of their 30-day money-back guarantee. If you don’t like their services, you may always cancel your subscription. We advise trying out their customer service capabilities.

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