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HostGator vs Inmotion Hosting (2024)-Which One Should You Pick?

HostGator vs InMotion
HostGator Vs Inmotion Hosting

HostGator vs InMotion

Do you want to know which hosting company, InMotion vs HostGator, is better? Although HostGator and InMotion Hosting are well-known hosting companies, finding the best hosting solution for your particular requirements can be challenging. A supplier must be more than merely ‘popular’ to be considered the BEST.

Because of this, we’ve laid out a fair comparison in this HostGator vs InMotion battle. So, you can choose the hosting provider that best meets your requirements and financial situation.

HostGator vs InMotion- General Overview:

InMotion Hosting and HostGator are two well-known names in the hosting industry, as they deserve to be. Due to their user-friendly administration style, reasonable costs, and firm performance, both providers are well renowned.

Here is a quick overview regarding both hosting sites before we delve into more details.

HostGator InMotion
Payment types
PayPal, money orders, Debit/credit cards, cheques, bank wires
Credit card, PayPal, money order, cheque
Control panel
Native user interface +
Account management panel
+ cPanel
Monitored uptime
Server locations
Free Domain
Hosting types
VPS, Cloud, Shared, WordPress, Reseller, and Dedicated hosting plans
Managed WordPress, Shared, Reseller, VPS, and Dedicated hosting plans
Average speed
525 ms
759 ms
Uptime guarantee
Email support, 24/7 phone, 24/7 live chat
24/7 live chat, phone, tickets, Skype
Disk Space
100 GB SSD - Unlimited
Website migration
1 WordPress or cPanel migration and inter-server migration (free of cost)
Automated WordPress website transfer (free of cost)
Money-back guarantee
30 days
90 days
Server-level firewall, SSL
Web application firewall, malware, DDoS protection, SSLs

InMotion Hosting is a company that has been around since 2001 and is independently owned and operated. Moreover, they use Linux and Unix operating systems to power their web hosting network.

They’ve teamed up with the nonprofit organization ‘Trees for the Future to reduce their carbon footprint. So, they have planted 5000 trees due to their relationship with developing countries.

Inmotion hosting
Inmotion Hosting

One of the most well-known hosting companies is HostGator. Brent Oxley, a student at Florida Atlantic University, founded it in 2002. Furthermore, Endurance International Group purchased it a few years ago, and it now runs more than 8 million websites worldwide.

Although they provide a wide range of hosting options, they excel at their shared hosting service, considering the people who need more experience.

Hostgator Web hosting
HostGator Hosting

HostGator vs InMotion- Reliability OR Speed?

Aim for your website pages to fully load in under two seconds, per Google’s advice. Otherwise, you risk losing more than 53% of all potential visitors who will click away and go elsewhere. The first thing you should consider is how effectively your web server operates. However, don’t just accept what the web hosts say; frequently, it’s more hype than reality.

While InMotion Hosting does claim to be “Secure, Fast, & Reliable,” its reliability isn’t as good as HostGator’s, despite being relatively quick.

InMotion has speed but needs to be more reliable:

HostGator has reliability but needs speed:

Even though HostGator has a page loading speed of precisely 2 seconds, sometimes it does not work. Furthermore, Hostgator offers HDD drives as the standard for shared hosting plans, similar to InMotion, but it also provides SSd drives through its rather expensive receptions. Despite all these features, you will still notice that HotGator’s page loading speed is slower than InMotion.

But regarding reliability, HostGator consistently achieves an uptime average of 99.95% or higher per month, with most of the previous year’s months falling between 99.98% and 100%. Even with 99.95% uptime, even the worst month only results in 21 minutes of outage.

To evaluate and compare the performance of both websites, we have performed the Pingdom speed test and GTmetrix test.

  • Pingdom test to monitor the uptime, performance, and interactions of your website
  • GTmetrix test to evaluate the speed of your website

Here is a Pingdom Test evaluation of InMotion and HostGator side by side.

InMotion HostGator
Inmotion GT Matrix
Inmotion GT Matrix
HostGator GT Matrix
HostGator GT Matrix

The GTmetrix Grade of both InMotion and HostGator is as follows:

HostGator Grade And Score
Gtmatrix Grade And Score Of Inmotion & HostGator
InMotion And HostGator Grade
Gmatrix Performance Of Inmotion & HostGator

HostGator vs InMotion- Inexpensive OR Valuable?

If you’re on a limited budget, choosing the cheapest hosting option is the best, but cheap suppliers frequently need to provide better value. It would be best to account for the higher costs associated with additional services like the security that InMotion Hosting offers at no extra charge, whereas HostGator does.

HostGator is budget-friendly:

HostGator is a cheaper option. For consumers who are just starting, HostGator offers preferred pricing alternatives. For a shared hosting package, they only charge $2.78 per month. However, InMotion Hosting offers more affordable plans for resellers, WordPress, and dedicated hosting.

InMotion provides better value:

While more expensive than HostGator, it still provides a more significant value owing to its incredible features.

InMotion offers top prices with a two-year upfront payment; HostGator requires a three-year upfront cost. Moreover, for the first year, InMotion offers a free domain.

With HostGator, add-on safety features boost your monthly bill by at least 50%. However, InMotion’s security measures are free.

InMotion’s costs only rise by about 20% during renewals. HostGator’s rates might increase by as much as 60%.

Here we have a summarised comparison between the prices offered by both hostings.

WordPress VPS Reseller Shared Dedicated
3.49 USD/month
9.99 USD/month
16.99 USD/month
3.49 USD/month
105.69 USD/month
5.95 USD/month
2.99 USD/month
19.95 USD/month
2.64 USD/month
119.00 USD/month

HostGator vs InMotion- Number of Websites?

The most basic plan offered by InMotion, Launch, offers two domains. However, you might have to upgrade to the pro plan to get access to unlimited domains, which is rather expensive.

HostGator offers only one website on its Hatchling plan, which is essential. All other programs of HostGator offer unlimited websites.

HostGator vs InMotion- Backups?

You are warned not to rely on this service as InMotion doesn’t guarantee backups and is only available as “courtesy backups” with a 10 GB maximum storage limit. Instead, InMotion advises you to upgrade your plan by purchasing the Backup Manager option.

For HostGator, you must have the CodeGuard Basic add-on to back up your web space automatically. Of course, manual backups are possible from your cPanel, but they don’t offer convenient recovery choices.

HostGator vs InMotion- Ease of Use?

Both HostGator and InMotion Hosting prioritize simplicity when it comes to user-friendliness. While InMotion Hosting uses an Account Management Panel (AMP), HostGator employs a native user interface.

Nevertheless, for all website management-related tasks, both hosts provide a standard cPanel.

Native dashboards from both providers include a lot of the same features. Although they appear to have very different designs, both offer the same features, including billing management, access to the cPanel, and cPanel shortcuts.

InMotions cPanel:

InMotion’s cPanel has all the critical elements required to run a website efficiently and is equally functional and well-structured.

You can easily handle domains, emails, databases, files, and other things from the cPanel dashboard. With the aid of the Softaculous one-click installer, you may also install a content management system (CMS) at this location.

InMotion Cpanel
Inmotion C-Panel

HostGator cPanel:

HostGator provides a straightforward cPanel with unique skin to complement the provider’s overall aesthetic. Also, the conventional panel has a detailed layout that won’t pose any issues for inexperienced or experienced users.

Lastly, the key features, including 1-click app installation, domain, email, and SSL management, file, database, manual backup management, and more, are all available here.

So, where is the difference?

However, SSL activation is a crucial area where HostGator and InMotion Hosting differ. Even though both carriers offer automated SSL activation, it occasionally needs to be done manually. While it’s customary to do this in the cPanel, InMotion has exclusively included its SSL activation/management functionality in this interface. Therefore, don’t be shocked if you can’t find it in cPanel because it’s in the AMP.

In terms of simplicity, both hosts are equally essential and well-organized. HostGator and InMotion Hosting will be simple enough for beginners and professionals to utilize, thanks to an appealing native interface and the widely used cPanel. Nevertheless, a slightly more up-to-date HostGator native user interface is less challenging.

So, HostGator mine wins this bit.

HostGator vs InMotion- Security Features:

InMotion offers free security features

It contains an integrated security suite that provides defense against DDoS and hacking attacks. Additionally, it comes with the SmartWall Threat Defence Solution, a web application firewall (WAF) made to guard your website against malicious traffic of all kinds.

HostGator charges extra for security features

Only five web pages are scanned for malware each week during HostGator’s weekly scans. Moreover, you’ll have to pay more for your hosting by adding a SiteLock plan to protect you from malicious traffic, distributed denial of service attacks, and hacking attempts.

HostGator vs InMotion- Better Features?

Yes, you get all the essential features required to build your website from both hostings. However, InMotion takes the crown for some of its incredible features unavailable on HostGator.

InMotion lets you choose your data centre by signing up for their plan.

Unlike HostGator, which only gives a 45-day guarantee to test its hosting feature, InMotion provides a money-back guarantee of 90 days.

HostGator uses HDD storage. However, InMotion uses SSD storage.

 So, the clear winner for better features is InMotion.

HostGator vs InMotion- Customer Support:

It’s crucial to know you can contact customer service whenever you need assistance with web hosting because difficulties are rarely (if ever) without them. It applies to both day and night. InMotion Hosting and HostGator provide live chat, phone, and email assistance around the clock.

InMotion tends to have a better and more personal approach to customer service. Their team appeared to be more knowledgeable and keener to find a solution.

However, HostGator only offers tutorials for beginners to use their site.

Lastly, in this comparison, it depends on whether you like to watch tutorials to solve any issue, in which case HostGator will be the best for you. Otherwise, InMotion will be better if you want its “live chat” support.


In this comparison, HostGator vs InMotion, we conclude that InMotion does take the crown. Any website developer will seek hosting that solves all the issues and provides the best features at a reasonable price. So, InMotion provides a better value for their cost when compared to HostGator.

However, HostGator might still be a wise choice for you in some circumstances. For instance, HostGator will (at least in principle) allow you to transfer a website more extensive than 50 GB, whereas InMotion won’t. You can also get assistance from HostGator’s knowledge base if you are new to web hosting. Ultimately, the decision is up to you whether you want to choose InMotion hosting or HostGator.

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