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Sylhet Job Circular in Bangladesh 2024

Sylhet job circular 2024 is an effective medium of communication between the seekers and
the employers. This NGO job circular 2024 Sylhet is very popular among both students and
working professionals. It has a huge following in Sylhet. Their recent job circular in Sylhet will
also help you to get employment in your desired field part-time job in Sylhet town that matches
your qualifications and experience.
This area is one of the most economically backward districts. It has a large number of
unemployed youth who are looking for jobs. In this article, we have compiled all the latest jobs
in Sylhet and will be updating them as more are added.

The beautiful Sylhet

Sylhet is a district in Bangladesh. It has been a part of the greater Dhaka city since ancient
times. The city of Sylhet is located in the northeastern region of Bangladesh. It is one of the
largest cities in Bangladesh. Sylhet is an important industrial and commercial hub for the
country. It’s a major transportation center for road, rail, air, and sea transport networks.
The climate of Sylhet is pleasant with a lot of rain and humidity. So it’s good for plants and
flowers to grow in abundance. Many rivers flow through the area, which helps
irrigate all parts of the region. The fertile soil provides an ideal environment for growing different
types of crops like rice, jute, wheat, maize, vegetables, fruits, and spices.
Do you know why I am informing that to you? Because I believe that you are a nature-loving
a person like me. So, Sylhet will be a great place to work and live a healthy life, I guess.

Job in Sylhet city

Sylhet city is the biggest industrial city in Bangladesh and one of the largest metropolitan cities
in South B.D. There are a number of job opportunities available in Sylhet city. It is known for its
large manufacturing industries, textile industry, financial sector, banking, and I.T. industry, etc.

Sylhet Job Circular 2024 Description

A job in Sylhet city is not easy to find. There are many different industries that are available in
the city. But they need highly skilled people with excellent communication skills.
If you have the qualifications, then it is time to start applying for jobs online and if you are a
student. Then apply for internships or work-study programs at different companies.
To find the latest news of jobs in Sylhet, the Sylhet job circular will help you a lot. The
Sylhet Job Circular 2022 is the latest and most updated job circular of Sylhet. The circular
offers jobs for different categories of people. Including students, engineers, teachers, and many
more. It also provides information about their vacancies and how to apply for them.

Benefits of doing the job at Sylhet District

Well, if you are thinking, why should you get a job at Sylhet, then now I will give you that answer.
The top benefits of doing the job at Sylhet District are:
• It is a good opportunity to learn a lot about the district.
• You will have flexible working hours and days.
• The salary package is also very attractive with incentives, promotions, and benefits.
• It helps you gain a lot of experience and knowledge about different fields. Such as finance,
marketing, human resources, technology, etc.
• You will be able to work with people from different countries that have different cultures and
• There is an excellent chance for career growth.
• You will get an opportunity to travel around the city.

Job circular No 1:

Company Name: H.R. OVERSEAS LTD.
Job title: International Business Relationship Officer (Female).
Job Nature: Full time
Job category: Private Jobs.
Job Location: Sylhet
Gender: Only female
Salary: See the image
Age limits: 18-30
Experience: Needed
Daily working hours: 9 hours
circular availability: Published
Send your CV to
Application Deadline: December 30, 2021

For more information, check out the circular.

Job circular No 2:

Company Name: Guest Service Agent
Job title: Grand Sylhet Hotel & Resort–Sylhet Division
Job Nature: Full time
Job category: Private Jobs.
Job Location: Sylhet
Gender: Both male and female
Salary: See the image
Age limits: 18-30
Experience: Needed
Daily working hour: 9 hour+
circular availability: Published
Send your CV to
Application Deadline: January 21, 2022
For more information, check out the circular.

The International Business Relationship Officer will be responsible for:

1. Conducting international business meetings and conferences with external companies and
other organizations
2. Advising company on any issues related to their export operations and contracts
3. Developing new business opportunities through foreign markets. It will be done by identifying
market trends, conducting competitive research, managing sales strategy development,
sourcing new products, etc.
4. Planning, organizing, and executing marketing campaigns abroad
5. Managing overseas liaison officers in different countries.

Sylhet Job Circular 2024 requirements are as follows:

● Graduate in any discipline with a minimum of 2nd class.
● Have three years of experience
● Able to read and write the English language fluently
● Knowledge of Bangladesh culture, business practices, etiquette, and customs is
● Knowledge of global financial markets is preferred.
● Have the ability to manage multiple projects at the same time and effectively manage
their budgets and schedules.
● Carry out research on potential investment opportunities from various countries.

Final verdict

You can get a lot of information about the Sylhet job circular 2024 by clicking on the links
provided above.
We are all looking for a job, but not everyone has the skills or experience to land a job. This is
where career websites come in handy. Several online resources can help you
find your dream job and make it happen. If you’re planning on getting into the workforce, check
out these websites for some valuable information. We tell about what to expect during your first
few months of employment. Do let us know if you have any queries about this article!

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