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POPI NGO Job Circular 2024

The POPI NGO Job Circular 2024 is one of the most sought-after job circulars in
Bangladesh. The list below will give you all the information you need to know about this great
opportunity. It is divided into different categories that cover different areas of expertise and
profession. Several vacant positions require specific experience and
skills. So we hope it can help you find a suitable job with POPI NGO.

Peoples Oriented Program Implementation

POPI is a non-profit organization that specializes in engaging the youth in education and
economic empowerment. They seek passionate and energetic individuals who are passionate
about contributing to society through learning. Or even simply sharing their ideas and visions
with others. The team works together with a clear focus on improving the lives of people living in
extreme poverty. The core mission of POPI NGO is to strengthen people’s capacity to live with
dignity, reduce extreme poverty, and protect life and health.
The main objective of the Peoples Oriented Program Implementation is to enhance service
delivery and customer satisfaction. This can be done by increasing access to and utilization of
sustainable services.
A major focus of this program is improving customer satisfaction by focusing on the needs,
priorities, concerns, and rights of clients with disabilities.

Some objectives of this program are:

1. The creation of quality service standards for individuals with special needs.
2. Ensuring service providers adhere to these standards by training them and holding them
accountable for their actions.
3. Also ensuring that the local communities, both in rural and urban areas, have a better
understanding of the principles and practices of POPI.
4. To develop partnerships with relevant government agencies to facilitate implementation
5. It creates an environment where all voices can be heard without fear of retaliation or being
excluded from conversations.
6. Other objectives of this program are to raise awareness and understanding about poverty in
the world.

Benefits you will get by Doing a job here.

The main benefits of doing a job-oriented program implementation are that it helps employees
and employers, who can benefit from increased productivity. However, today NGOs perform
many functions other than charity work. From education to healthcare, from conservation to
environmental protection, they have become a force to reckon with in the world of politics.

These are the benefits:

• Employees will be more productive due to an improved work environment.
• The employer will see an increase in productivity due to employee engagement and better
• Both parties can see improved relationships as they work together towards common goals.
• There is less time spent on welfare while they are learning skills and transitioning into new
• Other benefits of doing a job-oriented program implementation are that it will help you gain
experience in the industry. You can learn how to run a business and develop the skills needed
for your future career.
• You will be working with people who need help from you and who want to change their lives for
the better.
• The work environment will be stress-free and very family-friendly.


POPI NGO Job Circular 2024 Description

Peoples Oriented Program Implementation (POPI) is an NGO that seeks to change the opinions
of people in society through active participation.
The current mission of POPI is to provide a platform for citizen engagement and opinion-based
decision-making by working with the government. Including civil society organizations, private
sector institutions, research institutes, and individuals.
The company is looking for those who are passionate about their work and possess strong
interpersonal skills.
The individual must be able to develop innovative and creative solutions to difficult challenges.
While maintaining a sense of urgency in the face of tight deadlines. They also have an
opportunity for people who are interested in this kind of work to volunteer their time and
expertise. This can be by providing assistance to these individuals at various stages throughout
their lives from birth through adulthood.

Job circular No 1:

Company Name: Peoples Oriented Program
Implementation (POPI)
Job title: Multiple positions are available
Job Nature: Full-time
Job category: NGO Jobs.
Job Location: Anywhere in Bangladesh.
Gender: Both males and females can apply
Salary: 18,800 – 48,100 Taka
Age limits: 25 to 45 Years
Website address:
Daily working hours: 9 hours
circular availability: Up to September 2024
Last date to apply: 28 February 2024

For more information, check out the circular.

POPI NGO job circular 2024

POPI NGO job circular 2024 requirements are as follows:

1. Education: High School or equivalent, Bachelor’s degree preferably in Economics,
Commerce, Statistics, or Mathematics from any reputable university.
2. Experience: Should have a minimum experience of three years in quantitative work
experience like UNICEF, International Monetary Fund (IMF), OECD, and others. As well as
private sector companies with a proven track record of working on project monitoring/evaluation
and research activities. This should be related to economic development at a macro level.
Including government policies, state capacity building, and support services provisioning at the
national level. This would provide relevant information required by the project team in the country
3. Technical Skills: The candidate should have excellent communication skills, work well under
pressure, possess good interpersonal skills, and be able to handle multiple tasks
4. Related Skills: Excellent written and verbal communication skills are needed.

Contact information and important links to apply

Address: People’s Oriented Program Implementation (POPI)
5/11-A, Block-E, Lalmatia,
Dhaka-1207, Bangladesh.
Phone: +88-02-9121049,+88-02-9137769,+88-02-9122119
Fax: 88-02-8113657

Final verdict

POPI NGO job circular 2024 is released by the People’s Oriented Program Implementation
NGO. It is published on its official website and includes the details of all posts, requirements,
and application processes. People’s Oriented Program Implementation NGO Job Circular
2024 is an NGO that works towards achieving people-oriented programs. The organization uses
various methodologies to achieve its goal. This is a good chance for those who want to work for
NGOs to be involved in some projects. If you are interested in any job, then this is a good
opportunity for you to apply for it.

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