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Jonoproshashon Montronaloy job circular in Bangladesh

Are you looking for a job? You’ve come to the right place. If you are looking for a job opportunity,
then don’t forget to check out the Jonoproshashon Montronaloy job circular 2022. The
relevant information on the number of posts, eligibility criteria, age limit, application procedure,
and selection process is given below. All those who are interested in applying for this job may
go through the details of the posts given below. Those who are interested can apply through
proper channels. The post is vacant due to retirement, and no candidate was shortlisted.

Ministry of Public Administration Work And Activities

Ministry of Public Administration is a Bangladeshi government ministry responsible for the
coordination and administration of public services.
The Ministry was established in the 19’s when Bangladesh was declared an independent nation.
More specifically, the Ministry of Public Administration is a public service institution in
Bangladesh. This institution is responsible for the formation and development of national policy,
strategy, planning, programming. Also budgetary implementation in the areas of public

Jonoproshashon Montronaloy Responsibilities

The Ministry of Public Administration, Bangladesh, is responsible for formulating policies. Also implementing laws related to public administration in Bangladesh.

The Ministry has several responsibilities, including:

• Formulating policies and implementing laws related to public administration in Bangladesh.
• Promoting good governance practices and transparency in government.
• Promoting ethics, probity, accountability, responsibility, and responsiveness in government.
• Assisting governments at all levels. As well as local bodies on issues relating to
planning, budgeting, human resource management, project execution, etc.
• Human resource development, including manpower planning, recruitment, training, placement,
and promotion:
• Internal audit department for public institutions under its jurisdiction.


How will you benefit from doing the job there?

Working at the Ministry of Public Administration, Bangladesh has a lot of benefits like:
1. It offers career growth in a variety of fields and opportunities for advancement.
2. There are various courses available at different levels to suit your individual requirements and
skill sets.
3. It is recognized by the government as an institution that ensures transparency and
accountability in governance. Also public service delivery, and management processes.
4. You will be able to contribute towards national development while providing high-quality
services to clients and communities.
5. Promoting teamwork, trust, and collaboration.
6. Contributing to the development of policy, legislation, programs, and plans in line with national
goals and priorities.
7. Opportunity of providing efficient services to the citizens through increased accountability.

Ministry of Public Administration Bangladesh job circular 2024 Description

The Ministry of Public Administration is going to recruit new talent. It includes enthusiastic staff
in its administrative service through a National Level Competitive Examination (NLE) scheduled
according to the circular. The exam will be held at different centers throughout the country on
the same day.
We hope that you will consider applying for this prestigious opportunity. Your application should
reach us by the mentioned date below.

Job circular:

Notification of temporary direct recruitment to the following posts under the revenue sector of Government Employees Hospital


Jonoproshashon Montronaloy job circular
Jonoproshashon Montronaloy job circular
Jonoproshashon Montronaloy job circular
Jonoproshashon Montronaloy job circular

Last date of application: 25/02/2024

Apply Online :

Jonoproshashon Montronaloy job circular 2024 requirements are as follows:

1. Must be an undergraduate or graduate student in any discipline, with at least three years of
experience in research.
2. Good knowledge of research methodology and statistical analysis methods. Including
qualitative and quantitative approaches to data collection, collection instruments design, survey
instrument development;
3. Knowledgeable about various international standards on public administration (UNECE) and
other relevant organizations that contribute to public administration studies;
4. Experience conducting field surveys using questionnaire-based techniques (face-to-face
interviews, telephone interviews, focus group discussions);
5. Experience with computerized data entry tools like SPSS/R;
6. Experience working with qualitative methodologies (i.e., ethnography);
7. Ability to work as part of a team in an interdisciplinary environment. This includes economists,
social scientists, statisticians, and IT professionals;

The application procedure of Jonoproshashon Montronaloy job circular 2024

This is an application form that has been sent by the Ministry of Public Administration to eligible
To apply for this job, you need to fill out the application form, which can be found on their
● You need to provide all the necessary documents such as:
● ID card with photo (original)
● Birth certificate (original)
● Educational certificates (original)
● Work experience certificate (certificate issued by the concerned department of Ministry
of Public Administration or any other government office) or letters from former employers
are stating the length of service and dates of employment/appointment etc.
Now follow the given steps on the circular above. Send SMS by following the step-by-step

Contact information

Office phone: +88-02-9577122

Final verdict

The Jonoproshashon Montronaloy job circular 2024 has been released. You can check out
the job circular here. If you are looking for jobs in public administration, this is the place to be.
All the latest and most updated job circulars from all departments of the government are here.
We update our job circular every day. So keep coming back to check out what’s new! You can
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