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DirectDeals Reviews – Trusted Software Since 1999

DirectDeals Reviews
DirectDeals Reviews

There are lots of software choices, and it’s hard to know which one is best. They looked into a really good company that offers great features to its customers. If you want the best software company that gives you a good license you can trust, you’re in the right spot.

DirectDeals Review - What do they do?

DirectDeals has been around for 24 years, helping over 5 million customers shop online. They’re trusted because they’re really good at what they do and always make sure customers are happy. Their success shows how committed they are to being great in their field and keeping customers satisfied.

Directdeals Review
Directdeals Review

DirectDeals takes pride in its status as a Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business, duly registered with Specializing in government contracts for IT equipment and software licensing, the company exemplifies dedication to fulfilling the unique needs of governmental entities. Its expertise ensures seamless procurement processes for government agencies.


Rooted in a service-oriented and relationship-driven approach, DirectDeals is poised to be your growth partner of choice. The company’s tech support team stands ready to address licensing, installation, and implementation challenges. With a focus on swift problem resolution, DirectDeals is your ally in navigating the intricacies of technology.

DirectDeals Review - An overview of a company with over 24 years of excellence:

DirectDeals started in 1999 and is well-known for being trustworthy in the electronics world. They’re all about being fair, clear, and efficient. They’ve done really well by sticking to these good principles. They’re like a guiding light for businesses looking for honest ways to deal with electronics in today’s changing world.

A Foundation of Trust and Efficiency:

DirectDeals’ ethos revolves around transparency and honesty. The company’s approach is forging partnerships grounded in these core values, ensuring that each business transaction is meticulously planned and executed precisely. This commitment to excellence aims to optimize satisfaction and streamline operations for all parties involved.

Specialization in Excess Electronic Inventories:

A cornerstone of DirectDeals’ expertise lies in liquidating excess electronic inventories. The business provides a wide variety of options, from the ethical disposal of electronic trash to the global remarketing of partner items, ranging from the global remarketing of partner products to the responsible disposal of electronic waste. This unwavering dedication to sustainable practices permeates every aspect of DirectDeals’ operations.

Thriving in Brand Name Products and Software Licences:

DirectDeals has strategically pivoted towards the flourishing arena of brand products and business software licenses. This shift has propelled the company’s growth, successfully acquiring and selling substantial volumes globally. DirectDeals ensures its partners’ products reach the right markets and audiences through robust partnerships and collaborations with industry professionals and service providers.

DirectDeals Review - Expert Customer Service Tailored to Your Needs:

The team of customer service agents at DirectDeals boasts a wealth of expertise in IT and beyond. With decades of collective experience in software, technology, and service, these professionals understand the challenges small businesses face. DirectDeals’ commitment to your success shines through as these seasoned experts provide unparalleled support tailored to your needs.


In conclusion, DirectDeals emerges as a steadfast ally in ethical electronics solutions. The company is poised to meet your needs head-on, rooted in a history of integrity, fortified by sustainable practices, and supported by a team of consummate professionals. Whether you require assistance managing excess electronic inventory or navigating brand-name product sales, DirectDeals stands ready to indulge in a new era of efficiency and triumph for your business.

DirectDeals Review - DDclub membership gives you lifelong premium benefits:

The DD Club membership opens doors to a world of exclusive advantages and remarkable discounts within the realm of DirectDeals’ products and services. This isn’t just a membership; it’s an investment in a lifetime of exceptional benefits. Becoming a member means embracing a path towards greater value and more rewarding experiences. Imagine unlocking a treasure trove of premium perks that consistently enhance your interactions with DirectDeals. Say goodbye to limitations and embrace a future filled with convenience, savings, and more of what truly matters to you. Your DD Club membership is your key to a lasting connection with the best DirectDeals offers.


Instant 15% Off on First Purchase


As a proud DD Club member, you’re in for a treat right from the start! Enjoy an immediate 15% discount on your very first purchase. It’s their way of saying, “Welcome aboard.”


Exclusive Offers & Early Access.


And there’s more good stuff! When you become a free member, you get special deals made just for their important Club members. You’ll also be one of the first to find out about new stuff they have, so you can get those awesome deals before others do.


Stay in the Know with Notifications


You won’t miss any new stuff or cool things they have. They will make sure you know about all the exciting stuff going on at DirectDeals, so you’re always up to date.


Swift Technical Support


Need assistance? They have got your back. Their club members enjoy priority technical support with minimal wait times. DirectDeals will fix your problems in no time.


Guide Videos


Installing software doesn’t have to be confusing for their customers. Simple videos from DirectDeals will guide them through the steps, helping them get the most out of their purchase.


Surprises and Giveaways on Social Media


When people follow DirectDeals on social media, they’ll get nice surprises. Club members will enjoy special treats and fun giveaways, making their online time even more enjoyable.


Stay Up-to-Date with Software Updates


They understand it’s vital to keep software updated. When someone is part of the DD Club, they’ll receive emails about any updates for their software.


Exclusive Club Day Deals


Make sure you don’t forget Club Day! It’s a special day just for Club members. You’ll get really great deals that others won’t. It’s a day you’ll definitely want to be a part of.


Embrace the benefits of being a DD Club member today. Join for free and experience a world of convenience, savings, and special treatment that’s all yours.


Enjoy all benefits in one place


Being part of the DD Club Membership means getting all the good stuff from their products and services bundled together. This special club brings together everything you’ve enjoyed – it’s like a package deal of awesomeness. And because you’re in the club, you won’t get separate charges like you did when signing up for services individually.


When people become members, they’ll get info about sales, good deals, and interesting things. If they don’t want these updates, that’s okay. No more messages from


Remember, things change, including at DirectDeals. They’ve been helping for a long time and want to do even better with this special membership. Each day is a chance to make things even nicer for their members.

DirectDeals Review - A solution to all the E-waste:

Almost everyone, including individuals, schools, and companies, creates electronic waste or e-waste. This happens when gadgets like old or broken electronics pile up. These wastes are dangerous because they have harmful things like poisonous lead and metals that can corrode and react. So, it’s important to manage and recycle these electronics correctly. Doing this reduces harmful chemicals and makes things safer. Plus, it saves money and cuts down on storing these items.


Our Services: Tailored for Every Industry


Their services are available to help anyone, no matter their industry. Whether it’s a big company or a small office, a school or a factory, they’re ready to handle e-waste for all. The good news? Their rates are reasonable, and they promise top-notch service every time. Here’s how they can help you:


Data Protection You Can Rely On


Our data destruction service is super careful. they make sure that even your private information stays private. You can trust us to handle your data securely.


Recycling Made Safe and Smart


When it comes to recycling, they’ve set up a clever and secure method. They’re capable of recycling items like laptops, monitors, routers, servers, and other IT equipment, all while ensuring no harm to the environment.


Solutions Designed Just for You


We know that every organization is unique. That’s why they have special solutions for you. Whether it’s data destruction, hard drive shredding, or getting rid of assets, they have options that suit your needs.


Get the Right Value for Your Equipment


Our experienced experts will check out your equipment and make sure you get the right value for your old or used stuff. You’ll get a fair deal, no worries!

DirectDeals Review - Super easy to contact them:

DirectDeals strives to make things easy for users. Whenever help is needed, they’re prepared to assist anytime. They offer a handy chat feature every day, from 5:30 AM until 7:00 PM. If you prefer phone calls, they’re reachable on weekdays, running from 5:30 AM to 5:30 PM.


To get in touch with their helpful Customer Service team, simply visit their website and locate the customer service section. And guess what? They even have something called fax! It’s like a special paper message you can send. Feel free to fax them at (800) 983-2471.


If you like writing letters, you can send one to this address: DirectDeals LLC, 9901 IH 10 West, Suite 800, San Antonio, TX 78230, United States. So many ways to talk to them, all set up for you! Just pick the way you like best.

DirectDeals Review - Plans and Packages:

DirectDeals offers its customers many offers that will satisfy their pockets. You can get the best of their features without emptying your pockets. So, here is a list of their offers. Also, they provide occasional discounts and coupon codes.

Software Price
Microsoft Office 2021 Home/Business for PC - Download
$194.97 (22% off)
Microsoft Office 2019 Home and Business-for Windows - Download
$127.97 (48.8% off)
Windows 10 Pro 32/64-bit OEM for New Installations - Download
$89.97 (40% off)
Windows Server 2019 Standard 16 Core License - Download
$427.97 (52.4% off)
Microsoft Windows 11 Pro OEM - Download
$99.97 (44.5% off)
Microsoft Windows 11 Pro - Download
$134.97 (32.5% off)
Microsoft Office 2021 Home and Student - for Windows - Download
$126.94 (15.4% off)
Windows 10 32/64-bit Pro Instant Upgrade - Download
$99.98 (44.5% off)
Windows Server 2022 Standard - 16 Core License - Download
$519.97 (48% off)
SQL Server 2019 Standard - Download
$617.86 (38.2% off)
Microsoft Office 2019 Home/Student for Windows - Download
$99.97 (33.3% off)
SQL Server 2019 Standard with 5 CALs - Download
$1,218.98 (39.1% off)
Synology Rail Kit Sliding RKS-02
Microsoft Windows 11 Home - Download
$119.97 (20% off)

They have a huge variety of offers for every sort of software over on their website.

DirectDeals Review - Pros and Cons:

What's to Love about DirectDeals:

1. A Wonderland of Products:

Picture this – a place where you can find everything from nifty gadgets to everyday essentials, all under one virtual roof. DirectDeals prides itself on offering a diverse range of products, ensuring that there’s something for everyone’s shopping wishlist.


2. Wallet-Friendly Delights:

Who doesn’t love a good deal? At DirectDeals, you’ll find attractive price tags and delightful discounts that make your shopping experience all the more satisfying. It’s like stumbling upon a secret garden of budget-friendly treasures.


3. Easy-Peasy Shopping:

Navigating through DirectDeals is as effortless as a Sunday morning. With its user-friendly interface, you can breeze through categories, hunt for your must-have items, and complete your purchases with the utmost ease.


4. Let’s Hear It from the Crowd:

Ever wished you could peek into other shoppers’ experiences before making a purchase? DirectDeals makes it happen! With customer reviews and ratings at your fingertips, you can make informed decisions based on real-life stories from fellow shoppers.


5. Secure Shopping Bliss:

When it comes to payments, DirectDeals has your back. With a focus on secure payment options, you can shop with confidence, knowing that your transactions are in good hands.

A Few Considerations to Keep in Mind:

1. Patience for Packages:

While the shopping experience at DirectDeals is a delight, some items might take a bit longer to arrive than expected. It’s like eagerly waiting for a special delivery – just a tad longer than you’d hope.


2. Keep an Eye on Availability:

Now and then, you might find that certain items are out of stock or temporarily unavailable. It’s a bit like hunting for hidden treasures – sometimes they’re just not within reach.


3. A Note on Support:

DirectDeals has a support team ready to assist, but some shoppers have wished for a bit more responsiveness in addressing their inquiries. It’s like having a friend who’s sometimes a bit hard to reach when you need them most.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the support hours for DirectDeals’ Live Chat and phone services?

DirectDeals has a chat that’s open every day, from early morning at 5:30 AM until night at 7:00 PM PT. They’re also available on the phone from Monday to Friday, starting at 5:30 AM until 5:30 PM PT.


 Do DirectDeals provide the support available in all time zones?

The support hours provided by DirectDeals are in Pacific Time (PT), which might not align with the time zones of all customers. This could potentially lead to variations in response times and availability.


Is the DD Club Membership free to join?

Yes, the DD Club Membership is free and has various benefits such as exclusive offers, early access deals, and special social media surprises.


Does DirectDeals provide technical support for installation and implementation?

Yes, DirectDeals has a dedicated tech support team to help with licensing, installation, and implementation issues. They aim to provide timely assistance to their customers.

Wrapping It Up:

DirectDeals is an exceptional company that is here to save the day. If you are concerned about the electronic waste that several companies are producing every day. Rest assured DirectDeals will help you with it as well. It is a rather affordable company so your pockets will not be emptied. Also, they do not have any hidden charges.


If you are looking to contact them there are several easy to do so; we have listed them above. In short, if you are searching for a place where you can have all the softwares without causing any damage to the environment or going bankrupt then DirectDeals is highly recommended.

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